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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
It’s easy! Visit our Application Process page.

Does Doane require a GRE or GMAT?
No. The online MBA from Doane does not require any entrance exams prior to admission.

How does a Doane MBA differ from the Master of Arts in Management degree?
The MBA is offered in parallel to Doane University’s Master of Arts in Management degree. The MBA is focused on the technical and strategic elements of managing a business both operationally and strategically. However, those interested candidates who do not bring a background or requisite coursework in business may be better suited to the Master of Arts in Management program in which they develop important transferable, “soft” skills to the art of management and leadership. The Master of Arts in Management program focuses on applied learning, which provides the practical experience students use in their professional careers and promotes the development of students as both leaders and managers.

Can I take classes on campus?
As of now, the MBA program is designed for an online mode of delivery. However, some courses are offered on our Grand Island, Lincoln and Omaha campuses. Students are allowed to enroll in these courses. To see what courses would work for you on campus, please consult your academic advisor or enrollment specialist by contacting us at (402) 467-9000.

How much does it cost?
Tuition for the online MBA is $505 per credit hour plus a $30 per credit hour technology fee. So, a typical three credit course would cost $$1,605.

When will I finish?
Depending on course load, most of our students can finish in 18 months.

How long is a course?
Our courses are eight weeks in length and our terms run five times per year.

How many credits does it take to complete an MBA?
The Doane online MBA program requires 30 credit hours for completion.

Can I transfer credit into the Doane MBA program?
A student may transfer up to nine credit hours into the Master of Business Administration program. This credit must have been earned from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning and be no older than seven years at the time of graduation from Doane. Only courses in which a student earned a letter grade of "B-" or above will be considered for transfer. If the grade earned in a graduate level course was a "pass," the student must submit documentation to the Dean that the "pass" is equivalent to at least a "B-." Each course is reviewed individually and final determination of credit is made by the Dean and the Registrar.