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An information systems and technology major provides you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to design, implement, and manage information systems and coordinate the communication function of information technology. Today almost all for-profit and not-for-profit organizations rely on information systems. The Information Systems and Technology major provides individuals with the right set of skills to keep up with the continually changing landscape of the digital world. Through this major, you will experience a blend of courses that will enable you to deploy technology and manage information in ways that assure security, reliability, and efficiency. This major gives you the opportunity to specialize in the field of information systems and technology that most interests you.

This interdisciplinary information systems degree integrates course work from business, information science and technology, and communication.

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Emphasis Areas

  • Software Development
  • Infrastructure Support and Management
  • Systems Management

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Learning Environment
Our Lincoln campus is specifically designed to serve our adult students.  We are proud to meet the needs and objectives you require as a student who juggles a college education with responsibilities as career professionals and parents. You'll discover:
  • Open spaces equipped for collaboration, studying, lounging and learning.
  • Faculty who combine impressive academic qualifications with extensive professional experience.
  • Small, conveniently scheduled classes and a curriculum flexible enough to meet your individual needs.
  • Staff and advisers who care about you and all aspects of your academic career.
A friendly community where you can make lifelong connections with classmates from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds.
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ISM 101 - Software Development I (3)
ISM 102 - Software Development II (3)
ISM 253 - Information Technology Architecture (3)
ISM 342 - Network Management (3)
ISM 409 - Project Management (3)
ISM 497 - Senior Seminar I: Project Conceptualization (3)
ISM 498 - Senior Seminar II: Project Completion (3)
BUS 215 - Statistics (3)
BUS 242 - Management (3)
BUS 353 - Managing Operations for Quality and Productivity (3)
CMS 316 - Business and Professional Communication (3)
PRE 231 - History and Philosophy of Technology (3)
ISM 325 - Software Engineering (3)
IST 246 - Data Structures and Algorithms (3)
IST 327 - Mobile Application Design and Development (3)
IST 355 - Web Application Design and Development (3)
ISM 358 - Network Technology (3)
ISM 425 - Network Administration (3)
ISM 426 - Network Administration II (3)
IST 328 - End User Support and Management (3)
ISM 215 - Information Systems Theory and Practice (3)
ISM 315 - Systems Analysis and Design (3)
ISM 316 - Communication, Technology, and Organizational Behavior (3)
ISM 445 - Modeling and Simulation (3)
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Three-Year Graduation Program
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