Early Childhood Teaching Endorsement - Graduate

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Grand Island
College of Education

Master/Graduate Program Requirements

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School of Graduate and Professional Studies

In addition to a transcript review to determine what courses were completed at the undergraduate level, the following Doane courses are

Depending on the results from a transcript review, additional coursework may be required. Each course is 3 credit hours, for a total of 15 credit

1. EDC 612 Developing Literacy in the Primary Classroom (3)
2. EDC 614 Developmentally Appropriate Pract: The Primary Program (3)
3. EDC 616 Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education (3)
4. Select one course to meet the assessment course requirement. (3)

EDU 602 Assessment of Learning
EDU 645 Assessment of Literacy
EDU 614 Assessment of Literacy Development

5. Select one of the following courses

EDU 609 Real Life Math for Today's K-6 Classroom (3)
EDU 690 Writing in the Primary Classroom (3)
EDU 708 Center Based Activities in the Primary Classroom (3)

6. EDC 680 Practicum in Early Childhood (3)

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Three-Year Graduation Program
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