Early Childhood Teaching Endorsement - Graduate

Early Childhood Teaching Endorsement - Graduate

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Grand Island
College of Education

Early Childhood Endorsement Program Requirements 

In addition to a transcript review to determine what courses were completed at the undergraduate level, the following Doane courses are required. Depending on the results from a transcript review, additional coursework may be required.  Each course is 3 credit hours, for a total of 15 credit hours. A passing score on the Education of Young Children exam is required of all students prior to certification. 

EDC-612 Developing Literacy in the Primary Classroom

EDC-614 Developmentally Appropriate Practices: The Primary Program

EDC-616 Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education

EDU-602 Assessment of Learning / EDU-645 Assessment of Literacy/ EDU-614 Assessment Literacy Development – Select one course to meet the Assessment course requirement.

EDC-680 Practicum in Early Childhood

Any one of the following Courses (3 Credits):

EDU-609 Student Centered K-5 Math or EDU-699 Student Centered K-5 Math
EDU-677 Math for Young Children
EDU-690 Writing in the Primary Students
EDU-678  Reading in the K-3 Classroom
EDU-690  Writing in the PreK-8 Classroom
EDU-691 ELL Curriculum for Primary Students
EDU-708 Center Based Activities in the Primary Classroom