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A criminal justice major will provide you with an understanding of the nature of delinquency and crime, and the personnel, institutions and processes that prevent or respond to crime. 

The program also familiarizes students with current trends, research techniques, and technological advances in the criminal justice system. Such broad-based knowledge enables you to understand and evaluate the kinds of societal needs and issues that are impacting criminal justice practice and reform and become an effective problem-solver in the criminal justice community. Course work may include such topics as corrections and judicial systems, criminal law and the legal process, police-community relations, white collar and organized crime investigations, and criminal procedure and evidence.

Campus and online course availability varies by program. Please contact the enrollment team for more information.

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Fred Brown Center

Our Lincoln campus is specifically designed to serve our adult nontraditional - undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree-seeking students. 

We are proud to meet the needs and objectives of students who have to juggle a college education with responsibilities as career professionals and parents.

As a student here, you'll discover:

  • A rich selection of degree and course options, including some of the most relevant graduate programs in Nebraska.
  • Faculty who combine impressive academic qualifications with extensive professional experience.
  • Small, conveniently scheduled classes and a curriculum flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

A friendly community where you can make lifelong connections with classmates from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds.


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CRJ 205 - The American Legal System (3)
CRJ 210 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
CRJ 215 - Police and Society (3)
CRJ 310 - Corrections (3)
CRJ 312 - Juvenile Justice (3)
CRJ 320 - Rules of Evidence (3)
CRJ 330 - Criminal Law (3)
CRJ 340 - Criminal Investigation (3)
CRJ 410 - Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice (3)
CRJ 420 - Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice (3)
CRJ 496 - Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)
BUS 215 - Statistics (3)
SSI 217 - Applied Statistics for Social Science (3)
CMS 220 - Interpersonal Communication (3)
CMS 334 - Interviewing and Investigation (3)
IDS 206 - Introduction to Research (3)
SOC 109 - Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOC 288 - Deviance (3)
SOC 324 - Race and Nationality (3)
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