Portfolio Requirements


Curriculum and Instruction Portfolio Development

A component of the graduate program is the ongoing development of a professional portfolio, in which the graduate student is asked to record, integrate, and reflect on his/her professional experiences in the graduate program. The portfolio will provide the student with a personal tool for reflecting upon his/her teaching skills, knowledge and understanding. It allows the student to mesh the theories and practices of teaching and learning and provides the document of growth and integration throughout the graduate work. Portfolios serve as self-assessment for the graduate student and as a means for faculty to assess areas of strengths and weakness of the graduate program.

The Doane Graduate Education Program Standards provide direction for the portfolio.

Portfolio Contents

The contents of the porfolio should represent your learning journey and how you have put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way to create your picture. It will give us a window into your thinking. You must decide how you want to represent your journey, but it is important to include the growth dimension.

Every portfolio must contain at least the following items:

1. Overall Reflective Statement
2. Critical Pieces
3. Endorsement Requirements
4. Section Statements
5. Artifacts
6. Document Captions
7. Organization of the Portfolio
8. Assessment of the Portfolio


If you have further questions, please contact Lyn Forester, lyn.forester@doane.edu or 1.800.333.6263, ext. 8631.



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