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Content Testing

A passing score on a required Nebraska Department of Education "content" test is required for Principal and Superintendent  endorsements effective June 2015.  All students applying for certification in Nebraska must provide evidence they have taken the  required Praxis II content test and received the required passing score.

Program Design

The Education Specialist program includes 30 hours of in-class work with a seminar approach.  In addition to the in-class seminar work, Ed.S. participants will complete at least 6 hours of internship or practicum experiences approved in advance as part of their Leadership and Learning Plan. (The program totals 36 credit hours.)


Required Coursework

Students complete coursework as a cadre over a two categories.  One in which all of the candidates complete coursework as a group or cadre scheduled to take place over a two-year period.  The second category is stand-alone coursework required of all candidates but can be completed at various times.

Thirty Cadre/Core Courses

ESD 705  Issues in Leadership - 3 hrs.

ESD 710  School Districts as Organizations - 3 hrs.

ESD 715   School-Community Communications - 3 hrs.

ESD 820   Leading and Responding to Change - 3 hrs.

ESD 725  Politics and Policy Leadership - 3 hrs.

ESD 910  Ethics of Leadership - 3 hrs

ESD 920  Leadership Practicum  - 3 hrs.

ESD 930  Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Design - 3 hrs.

ESD 830  Human Resource Leadership - 3 hrs.

ESD 940  Leadership Internship  - 3 hrs.

Six hours to be completed outside the cadre.

ESD 755  Financial Frameworks - 3 hrs.

ESD 810  Resource Development and Allocation - 3 hrs.


Time Limitations

In the Education Specialist Program, students are expected to complete the degree with their cadre, or within a maximum of five years since beginning graduate study at Doane University. If a student withdraws from the cadre experience, he or she will have to wait one year and resume classes with the next cadre.

The Dean will determine if a student can rejoin the program if the time away from the program extends beyond one year.  If the course material is no longer relevant, the student must then retake appropriate graduate courses as part of the program of study. If a student stays out three years or more the coursework must be repeated.


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