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Doane University Title II Report

2017 Title II Doane University Report - Academic Year 2015-2016

2017 Title II Nebraska State Report - Academic Year 2015-2016
Nebraska Department of Education - Title II Higher Education Reporting

Contextual Information UNDERGRADUATE

Description: The Doane Teacher Education Program is characterized as performance-based and developmental. Students begin the program in the freshman year. Through a series of sequenced experiences, pre-service teachers complete approximately 300 hours of hands-on practicum experiences with K-12 students prior to student teaching. Following graduation, students extend their training into a summer semester of graduate work. Doane guarantees all students employment and offers a first-year teacher mentor program. In addition, Doane is the only college in Nebraska and the first in the nation to offer an absolute warranty on the quality of the graduates.


  • Elementary Education
  • Special Education


  • Early Childhood
  • Middle Grades Education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Secondary Education: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, English/Language Arts, French, German, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Science, Social Science, Spanish, and Theatre


Sophomore Practicum IA & IB Education 211 & 221 (Clinical Experiences)
Junior Practicum IC & ID Education 321 & 341 (Clinical Experiences)
Junior Practicum II All methods courses (some students may begin this in the sophomore year with permission)
Senior Practicum III Student Teaching
Summer Experience Practicum IV Graduate Course Work
Project Bridge Practicum V First-year mentoring


The Curriculum and Instruction program is site-based.  The program is designed for classroom teachers.  Six sites exist across the state of Nebraska. The sites include Crete, Lincoln, Omaha, Norfolk, North Platte, and Grand Island.  At the conclusion of the program students are awarded a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.

The Educational Leadership program is a cadre program. All students enter in the summer semester and complete a variety of classroom, practicum and internship experiences in the two-year program.  Students earn a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership degree at the conclusion of the program.  Students may also apply for K-12 or K-8 certification as a principal upon successful completion of the program.   Cadres exist in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE.

The Education Specialist program is a cadre program.  All students enter in a semester and complete a variety of experiences in the 3- year program.  Students earn a Educational Specialist degree at the completion of the program.  Students are eligible for K-8, 7-12 or K-12 certification as a superintendent upon successful completion of the program.  This program is offered in Lincoln, NE.

The doctoral program leads to an EdD in Educational Leadership.  The students complete a variety of classroom and research experiences.  The dissertation completes the doctoral program.   This program is offered in Lincoln, NE.

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Entrance into Teacher Education Requirements

Entrance into Student Teaching Requirements

Certification Requirements

Certification/Employment Rates - Initial Program & Initial certification at the advanced level

Date Number Certified Number Employed
Initial Program
37 34 Full-time employed
1 Substitute Teacher
2 Other
Initial Certification at the Advanced Level
31 29 Full-time employed
1 Full-time Substitute
1 Other
Initial Program
52 48 Full-time employed
1 Fullbright Scholarship
1 Graduate School
1 Graduate Assistant
1 Other
Initial Certification at the Advanced Level
22 19 Full-time employed
3 Other
Initial Program
54 54 Full-time employed
4 Fullbright Scholarships
2 Substituting / Other
Initial Certification at the Advanced Level
27 17 Full-time employed
9 Substituting / Other
1 Additional Certification
Initial Program
55 46 Full-time employed
8 Substituting / Other
Initial Certification at the Advanced Level
13 9 Full-time employed
4 Substituting / Other


Candidates (completers) for 2016-2017 school year:  Initial Certification program and Initial Certification at the Advanced Level

Axtell Public Schools Lincoln Public Schools
Burns Schools, WY Logan Magnolia Schools, IA
Blue Hill Public Schools Louisville Public Schools
Columbus Public Schools Marian High School
Creighton Public Schools Maywood Public Schools
Crete Public Schools McCook Public Schools
Cross County Community Schools Millard Public Schools
David City Public Schools Norris Public Schools
Elgin Public Schools Omaha Public Schools
Elkorn Public Schools Osceola Public Schools
Frankfort Schools, KS Scottsbluff Public Schools
Grand Island Public Schools St. John the Apostle Parish
Gretna Public Schools St. Robert Bellarmine Elementary
Hampton Public Schools Tri County Public Schools
Kearney Public Schools West Monana Schools, IA
La Mesa Schools, CA Wilber-Clatonia Public Schools

Candidates (completers) for 2015-2016 school year:  Initial Certification program and Initial Certification at the Advanced Level

Ashlan - Greenwood Public Schools Lakeview Community Schools
Auburn Public Schools Lincoln Christian Schools
Bayard Public Schools Lincoln Public Schools
Bellevue Public Schools Milford Public Schools
Central City Public Schools Nebraska City Public Schools
Columbus Public Schools Nebraska Unified District 1
Crete Public Schools Omaha Public Schools
Cross County Community Schools Palmyra District I R 1
Doniphan-Trumball Public Schools Southwest Public Schools
Fairbury Public Schools Stanton Community Schools
Friend Public Schools Tri County Public Schools
Grand Island Public Schools Wilber-Clatonia Public Schools
Gretna Public Schools Litchfield Elementary School District
Harvard Public Schools Logan-Magnolia Community School District
Jefferson County School District Millard Public Schools
Norris Public Schools Pierce Public Schools
Prairie Hills USD 113 South Central Nebraska Unified 5
Wahoo Public Schools  


Individuals Completing Program Requirements

  2016-2017 2015-2016   2016-2017 2015-2016
Elementary   16 28 Special Education 22 26
Early Childhood  3 7 Music Education 6 4
Middle Grades 2 4 Physical Education 3 2
Art Education 6 1 Social Science 4 3
English/Language Arts 3 7 Math 7 4
English 6 4 Spanish 4 2
0 1 History 0 2
ESL 3 3 Science 3 6
Language Arts 0 0 Theatre 0 0
German 0 0 French 0 0


Source:  Nebraska Department of Education administered the Nebraska First Year Teacher Survey to both principals and first year teachers, Spring 2017.  Evaluation indicators are based on the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Intersate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Model Core Teaching Standards, 2011.

59 surveys were distributed to both principals and teachers; 39 returned by both groups, respectively, for a response rate of 66%. 

Respondents were asked to reate the extent to which the first year teacher was effectively prepared for their school assignment on various indicators.  These indicators were based on the degree to which the teacher meets the expectations:  Consistent, Frequent, Occasional, or Rare.  Both principals and teachers were asked to reate the teacher's impact on student learning, and to provide comments for informing the institution's continuing improvement efforts toward preparing classroom-ready teachers.

(Note: Reponses are from May 2016 graduates at the undergraduate level and completers of 2015-2016 cohort in the Initial Certification at the Advanced Level.)

Consistent/Frequent (Spring 2017 Survey)
Consistent/Frequent (Spring 2017 Survey)
1. Student Development 92.3% 94.8%
2. Learning Differences 93.5% 94.8%
3. Learning Environments 96.5% 94.7%
4. Content Knowledge 96.7% 96.5%
5. Application Content 89.4% 96.0%
6. Assessment
92.3% 98.7%
7. Planning for Instruction 92.3% 94.0%
8. Instructional Strategies 94.0% 95.7%
9. Professional Learning and Ethical Practice 94.8% 98.2%
10. Leadership and Collaboration 94.8% 97.4%
11. Impact on Student Learning and Development 97.4% 100%
12. Professional Dispositions 92.9% 100%
Based on performance of first year teacher, how would you rate his/her impact on student learning? Highly effective/Moderately effective:  94%  
Would you consider this teacher effectively prepared for continuing employment in your district? YES - 97%  
Based on your performance as a first year teacher, how would you rate your implact on student learning? High effective/Moderately effective: 97%  
Do you believe you werer prepared to be an effective first year teacher? YES - 100%  


Doane University Teacher Education Division maintains partnerships with surrounding school districts including Crete Public Schools and Lincoln Public Schools.


May 2017 Graduates Initial Level:  67%


2016-2017 school year:  4.4%


The Applications for Specific Programs of Teacher Preparation (NDE 20-004) were approved by the State Board of Education August 5, 2016.

Teacher Preparation Programs in Nebraska - Colleges and Universities 2017-2018

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