College of Professional Studies Academic Support Center

Doane’s College of Professional Studies Academic Support Center is dedicated to offering students a variety of resources and tools to help them achieve their educational goals.


Services offered to our Grand Island, Lincoln, Omaha, and Online program students include:

1. Tutoring

2. Writing Assistance

  • APA format and structure
  • Writing and grammar assistance
  • Proofreading service available through Blackboard or by sending Word documents to

3. Reading Assistance

  • How to set up a course reading schedule
  • How to read for deeper comprehension
  • How to increase reading rate

4. Math Assistance

  • Math study strategies
  • How to manage math anxiety

5. Time Management

  • How to set up a paper planner or an electronic planner
  • How to set up a study schedule
  • How to use daily to-do lists

6. Learning and Study Strategies

  • How to manage test anxiety
  • Test wiseness strategies
  • Test analysis
  • Note taking strategies
  • Paper/pen(cil) note taking strategies
  • Memory and concentration strategies
  • Stress management strategies 
  • Goal setting 



Academic Support Center Director
Terese Francis

Academic Support Center Assistant Director 

Coddy MacNeill



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