Success Stories

Doane Success Story: Victor Procto

I have developed in several areas of my life through my experience at Doane. I am a better father, husband, student, and employee. Doane tore down walls that had that limited my professional and academic potential. I am proud to be a Doane University alum! — Victor Proctor

Doane Success Story: Katie Almquist 

To me, Doane University is the college of encouragement. They have inspired me both personally and professionally to achieve my goals. Doane University in Grand Island goes above and beyond to help students complete their goals. — Katie Almquist

Doane Success Story: Lore Elizalde 

What I like about Doane is the attention & importance I get as a student. They always make sure I'm doing okay & if not, they are more then willing to help me out. Also, I absolutely love the fact we meet only for one time a week. Doane is very aware that we have other responsibilities and is willing to work with us and our schedules. — Lore Elizalde

Doane Success Story: Dr. Sandra Broz 

Teaching counseling classes for Doane University has been one of life's pleasures for me. The students are often employed full-time and/or have young children. I am inspired by their dedication. And, we have fun! — Dr. Sandra Broz

Doane Success Story: Mark Funkey 

Doane is an amazing place to get an education. Students have many options for how they can take classes and where they can take them. The faculty and staff are terrific and the education I have earned is valuable and I feel I was challenged to grow as a person and a leader through my educational journey at Doane University. I have no reservation in recommending Doane to anyone interested in furthering their education. I love attending Doane so much I asked for a doctoral program and I have recently started working toward my Ed.D at Doane. — Mark Funkey

Doane Success Story: Jesse Greenwalt 

The reason why I like going to Doane is because of the atmosphere. It is a very friendly and caring environment, with instructors who actually take pride in teaching and are not just looking for a paycheck. They want everyone to succeed and will work with the students to make sure that you understand the material. I also like the flexibility of the classes. Doane offers a number of online classes that you are actually able to learn about your degree in. From the classes that are offered, to the instructors, and to the other students that are going to Doane, it is just a great environment and I am glad to be part of this whole experience because I truly have learned lessons that will last a lifetime and friendships that will as well. — Jesse Greenwalt

Doane Success Story: Lillie Chambers 

Choosing Doane University has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! Doane not only allowed me to be a student but also a mother, a wife, and a soldier. The faculty at Doane worked with my military schedule and understood the hectic schedule that can sometimes come along with being a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard. The flexibility they allowed me to have was instrumental in my success at Doane. — Lillie Chambers

Doane Success Story: Farahani Family 

I would also add that the advisors have been great to work with. We started at Doane, kind of overwhelming​,​ walking into a master​'​s program but working with people like Kerry ​F​ina, he was just so welcoming and easy to work with. Right there to answer his phone. We just really appreciate that. It’s great ser​v​ice and great to work with. — Mana Farahani

It feels like family to be here at Doane, and that is really the difference between larger organizations, educational institutions that I used to attend. Things are more personal here. They treat you like an individual. They work with you when you need that assistance or flexibility. If I did not have a master’s degree from Doane, it would not have been possible to be where I am today in my career. I know that for a fact. I am happy where I am in my career and I attribute that in good measure to my education at Doane. — Fari Farahani

We've had such a great experience at Doane with the people, the classes, being able to lead and managing in our outside lives, professionally and personally. — Christina Farahani

Doane Success Story: Venus King 

Obtaining my masters degree was an item on my bucket list for the past 17 years. In the midst of working and having children, school had been placed on the back burner. From time to time I would look at schooling options, but I knew I didn't want online classes and traveling out of town for school was not realistic for our family. Then I learned about Doane in Grand Island. The evening classes provided the structure that I was looking for. Doane staff understand what it's like to be a student while juggling life outside of school. I am near completion of my degree and can not say enough about my experience with Doane. For me, Doane equals opportunity. Opportunity for personal and professional growth, opportunity to complete a bucket list item, and opportunity to develop new friendships. — Venus King

Doane Success Story: Todd Duncan 

Doane University is more than just an educational institution. It’s a collection of people and experiences that inspire students to grow into their full potential. The education I received has enabled me to excel in my career, and the relationships I developed while attending Doane have truly enriched my life. — Todd Duncan

Doane Success Story: Levi Bennett 

Doane is simply the best! Doane is a military and family friendly college with great counselors who help you each step of the way to ensure you are selecting the right coursework to succeed in obtaining the education you want and need to compete for your dream career. I encourage all military personnel, both veterans and active reserves, to choose Doane University to further their education and dreams. You will enjoy the Doane experience. There is so much more to Doane than just the educational side; there is a family atmosphere, real friendships you build, and the real world knowledge of the professors that completes your personal and professional needs. My experience at Doane has led me in a new direction both professionally and personally. I know I am a better husband, father, and person for attending Doane. — Levi Bennett



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