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Give Thanks Submissions

Give Thanks Submissions

Recently, Doane alumni were asked to share thoughts and memories about the faculty and staff that impacted them most at Doane. The response was overwhelming! Over 100 notes of gratitude were submitted and shared with faculty and staff. Some of the responses are listed below.

Dr. Mildred Gross

Dr. Gross was so excited about math. She was infectious when she would work a problem on the board. Almost jumping around. She had a great way of explaining complicated concepts and formulas. Big inspiration from a woman of very small size. I added a Math major because I knew I would take a math class each semester while I was at Doane. Thank you Mama Gross! -Mary Olsen Steiner '80

Jeff Stander

This is all your fault. Thanks for everything, and see you this summer! -Chet Miller '10

Dana Miller

I would like to recognize Dr. Dana Miller, Director of Developing Leader Coaches, Master of Arts in Management Program. Dana was very instrumental in my development as a leader and in helping me recognize who I am as a person. The Leading Edge-the final portion of the Master of Arts in Management Degree-is a very introspective program that revealed so many aspects of my life that influenced my values, beliefs, and thoughts about every aspect of my life. Dana was key to my success in navigating through this emotional process and was such a source of inspiration and encouragement. I really would have struggled without her leadership and coaching. Dana is one of the most altruistic people I have ever known. She lives her life full of gratitude and appreciation for everyone and everything she experiences. She is a leader and an example of what a positive role model looks like. Dana and her staff are why the MAM program is such a success and why so many students have life changing experiences in the program. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her as a professional and as a close friend. My life is enriched because of her. Thank you Dana for everything! You are a reflection of Janice Hadfield with your own personal touch. -Jeanne Pashalek '85, '10A

Dr. Timothy Hill

Dr. Hill saw something in me as a student that I don't think many professors had seen in me. He, without knowing me as a student very well, offered his time and wisdom to me and encouraged me to assist him in research. Dr. Hill cares a great deal about his students and his fellow faculty, and he has helped me to believe in myself as a student more than I ever thought possible. There have been times since I have known him where I've really struggled, and his compassion for me and his belief that I could be great has always helped me to see my potential. Dr. Hill is a great academic mind, kind beyond measure, and a professor who changed my life. -Ashley Van Fleet, Student

I will always look back at Doane as some of the best years of my life. It's where I learned to be the person I am today. Sometimes along the way we trip and fall, make a mistake, or get stuck. Dr.Tim Hill was who picked me up when that happened. Tim took the time to help me not only understand what it was to be a good student but also, a good human being. We all make mistakes in life, try to take the easy way out, and we all need that person to push back and say "you're better then that". Thanks Dr.Hill, you were that person for me. The lessons he taught me in life have guided me during Grad School and into the corporate world and have helped me to achieve many of my goals. I wouldn't be who I was today if it weren't for the time Tim took with me then. Thanks Dr.Hill. -Jordan Kenyon '06

David Grothen

Math has never been a strength of mine, so when I enrolled as a new student, I was given the Math Composition exam. Hoping that it would "all come back to me" and save me some cash from having to enroll in the class, I sat down with a friend to review the information. It was like reading a foreign language. Three problems in, I sat at my friends dining room table in tears. I enrolled in Mr. Grothen's Math Composition class and was not only able to complete the weekly lessons, but retain the information through the term. Mr. Grothen does a fantastic job of breaking down each lesson and teaching the material in a way that not only makes sense, but is retainable. Aside from acing my Senior Seminar, passing the Math Composition class with an "A" was one of the biggest hurdles I overcame during my undergraduate education at Doane! -Tonya O'Neel '13L

I've got to say that I've never been a big fan of math. However, I always enjoyed Dave's math classes... even the early Saturday mornings. He made the class fun and educational at the same time. I enjoy visiting with Dave every time I venture over to the Lincoln campus for an event there. -Jason Orton '11L

Gina Larson

Ms. Gina Larson taught several courses specific to the Human Relations program at Doane University. A lot of the material Ms. Larson taught was often hard to digest, but I always felt like her classroom was a safe and open learning environment, not to mention, her food days were always appreciated for those long nights during flex terms! -Tonya O'Neel '13L

Heather Lambert

Heather goes above and beyond to help her students. She truly makes sure that all of her students are being taught in a way they need to better understand the material. She is a professor that I know I can always go to for advice. She's the professor that I take any issue I have on or off campus to and she helps me through it. She sets the standard very high for what a great Doane professor should look like. -Amber Rouse, Student

Dr. Heather Lambert is an outstanding faculty member at Doane. She helped me fall in love with the field of psychology. Dr. Lambert made classes fun, engaging, and applicable to life outside of Doane. Although many psychology classes focused on problems facing the world (I.e. mental health stigma, sexual assault statistics, gender wage gap, etc.), Dr. Lambert spoke of how we can help change the statistics and make a positive impact in helping professions. Dr. Lambert is an empowering woman, a leader on campus, and strives to bring social equality through her teaching. Her office door is always open to stop and chat or to ask questions. Dr. Lambert is caring to students inside and outside of the classroom. She helped me through the processing of applying and interviewing at graduate schools. She is always speaking kind words, and is willing to go above and beyond to see her students succeed and excel. Even during life after undergrad I have stopped to catch up with Dr. Lambert. There is no one more deserving to be recognized as an outstanding faculty member. -Nicholle Vernon '15

I believe that Professor Lambert is an outstanding faculty member because she does whatever is necessary to help her students achieve their goals. She treats each student with equal opportunities and always puts the needs of the students first. Samantha Schmidt, Student

Heather Lambert does everything she can for anyone who needs help. She is a very great support system, while remaining very professional. She pushes people to be the best they can be, while making sure they have all the physical and mental resources. Hannah Flock, Student

Dr. Jay Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert was a hugely positive influence on my life. I was not a music major, nor particularly talented, but I loved the opportunity to participate in Concert Band and perform with the ensemble. Dr. Gilbert took what talents he had in front of him and made something beautiful out of it. Friends asked why I spent time on music as I wasn't majoring in it, but I couldn't give up the opportunity to learn from and work with Dr. Gilbert. He remains a friend of me and my family - I feel so lucky to have played in his band. -Denise Kraus Ryan '02L

Jason Hayes/Hoffman

Jason Hayes and Mr Hoffman were two of my great mentors in the paralegal field. They both gave me great reviews in my classes and inspired me with the interest in being a paralegal. I learned so much from both of them and I wanted to let them both know. I have interest in the law and they both made a great decision for me. I still at times touch base with both if them. Doane University is great to have them both. -Christine Esch '09L

Carrie Lovelace Petr

Carrie found me during my freshman/sophomore year when I very much needed someone to reach out and show they cared. As a first-generation student, I didn't know the necessity of building relationships on campus with faculty and staff, but she went out of her way to bring me in, help me become involved, and ultimately shaped my entire college experience. If it weren't for Carrie, I and many other students, would not have found our home on Doane's campus. Her leadership in the SAO has shaped Doane into a more inclusive, welcoming environment for all students, and Doane is so fortunate to have her visionary guidance and infectious spirit shaping our students. -Brooke Ludemann '16

Courtney Bruntz

I have taken two classes with Courtney and my favorite thing about her teaching style is that she does a great job of relating abstract ideas to the students. She is so creative when it comes to metaphors to help us really understand. I also love how organized she is and she puts in extra time to make sure all students have the opportunity to get extra help if they need it. -Kayla Starbuck '18

This professor always makes class extremely interesting and interactive. She is very understanding of her students' needs and makes sure that we understand the materials. If we are having trouble or difficulty, she is understanding and willing to be flexible. -Matthew Villarrael, Student

She goes beyond expectations to help students and connect with them outside of the classroom. She always has examples and explanations to help students understand class material and will make time to speak with them later if they are having troubles. She is very flexible with the syllabus and understanding when problems arise that effect classwork. Courtney is very caring about her students and keeps up with things going on in their lives. She is both a great professor and a friend to her students. She has helped me with personal troubles and school in numerous situations, including helping me to figure out what I wanted to major in and do after graduation. -Meaghan Jean Stout, Student

David Swartzlander

Swartz is such a good role model for his students and expects the most out of us. Swartz structures his classes to allow students to take control so we are 100% in charge of our own education. -Kayla Starbuck '18

Brenda Kastens

I had Brenda for my first college class. I was terrified. Not only was I new to college, but I also knew I would have to give a presentation and I have horrible anxiety. I stayed behind one evening to speak with her about dropping the class because I was sure I wouldn't be able to do it. She listened attentively and let me cry my eyes out. She was so patient. When I was done she told me that it was my choice and she couldn't even imagine what I was going through in my head. We talked for about a half an hour and by the end my confidence was up and I decided I would try it. She told me she respected my decision. At the end of the class I gave my presentation. I was so anxious and she could tell but she let me go through the motions so I could have all of the glory. After I was done she let the class have a break and to this day I think she knew I needed to decompress and also bask in some serious glory. She was with me almost every step of the way through college. I was always welcome in her office and I had never felt so at ease. On graduation day she made it a point to take a picture with me and tell me how proud she was of me. Even now as I write this I tear up because of her unwavering support over the course of my five years at Doane. She is truly amazing. -Heather Klinker '13L

Dr. Kurt Runestad

Dr. Runestad is a light in the world. He is always positive, caring, and emotionally invested in all of his students. His classes are the highlight of my days here at Doane. -Becka Bruntz, Student

This faculty member consistently and continuously proves to students that there is hope for their future and spreads love and joy throughout the music department, Doane campus, and world. -Cody Redford, Student

Kurt is always happy to see everybody and so supportive of our endeavors. He has a huge heart and is loved by a large portion of the Doane community and its surrounding influences! -Michael Wieduwilt, Student

He makes genuine connections with students. He makes sure that we know we are loved and important everyday. He is the reason I am at Doane and the reason I have stayed at Doane. -Chelcey Mannel, Student

Kurt has helped me so much with my personal development as a singer, as well as so many others. He is a beam of sunshine in the music department as well as around Doane and in Life. -Nelson Dittman, Student

Dr. Kim Jarvis

Dr. Jarvis goes above and beyond for all of her students. She is both caring and understanding, and is always willing to talk with students about any subject/issue, regardless if it is school related. Further, she pushes and encourages each student to do the best they can in every class/aspect of life. I have learned a great deal about both history and life from Dr. Jarvis, and I will take that knowledge with me when I leave Doane in a few short months. -Tiara Kruml, Student

As my advisor, Dr. Jarvis was pivotal in making sure I was taking the correct courses to graduate in four years as a double major. Dr. Jarvis still met with me and guided me when I needed help after the way registering for classes changed. As one of my professors, Dr. Jarvis ensured I walked away from each class a better student and more knowledgeable about the subject than I was before I walked into the classroom. I am terribly grateful for the influence Dr. Jarvis has had on my life. -Leslie Mueller '16

Denee Wehrs

Denee is a great staff member because she cares about everyone as an individual, and she wants to see you yourself succeed. She not only asks how things are going academically, but she wants to know how YOU are doing and how things are going for YOU. She's also a great person which makes her a great professor. She helps everyone succeed and become the best they can. -Jennifer Kuncl, Student

Denee truly believes in the Doane mission and shows this through her teachings. Denee takes the time to sit down and talk to any and all students in the education field. Every account I have ever had with Denee makes me feel proud I became a Doane Tiger. Denee deserves all the recognition in the world. -Kasey Dills, Student

Denee knows how to make each student feel important as well as giving us all a reason to show up today. She makes going to class fun and something, us as students, want to go to instead of having to go to. I really appreciate Denee because she goes out of her way to talk to students outside of class and answer question we might have, even if she is not exactly for sure on the answer. I just really LOVE Denee!!!! -Makenzy Walker, Student

Denee has and continues to be a support system for all students. She genuinely cares for all students and wants them to succeed. Denee has always been and is one of the only professors that I feel genuinely is rooting for students like myself who struggle with finding their place. Denee is always there for us to talk to and is there when we need her. Her efforts tend to go unnoticed by faculty, but her students feel that she is their biggest supporter. Without Denee I wouldn't be at Doane or who I am today. She has given me hope and inspiration to become and be someone great and to become an amazing teacher with her support. -Michaela Chelton, Student

She always goes out of her way to have a real conversation with all of her students. She is one of the only faculty in the Education Department I know truly cares about me what what is going on in my life outside of the education department. When she asks how I am doing and how my day is going I know she is asking because she truly cares what my answer is not because she feels obligated to ask. She is also always willing to help me in any class that I could possibly need her assistance in. Even it is not for her class. She always gives 150% of her time and effort to her students. She cares for us and about the subject she is teaching about and it shows through her attitude. She really wants us to succeed and will bend over backwards to make sure that we do. She is my favorite professor here at Doane, and I always have fun in her class and learn so much. Even if the content isn't all that interesting she finds a way to make it fun for us. I haven't had a class period yet where I haven't smiled or laughed at something that she said or did in class. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! -Paxton Johnson, Student

Jared List

Though this is only my second semester at Doane, I have had lots of experience meeting other teachers throughout my life. Jared is in my opinion an exceptional teacher. Not only does he teach in a way that "likable" he is extremely organized and willing to work with his students under many different circumstances. He goes above and beyond for his students, and wants them to learn. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows through his eagerness in wanting his students to thrive. I'm thankful to have him as a teacher. Now and in the future! -Beth Tyler, Student

Jared List is always thinking of his students. No matter what the problem may be, he is considerate and puts them first. Jared thinks about how to better himself in order to support his students, to give them plenty of opportunities. -Colin Koehler, Student

He always makes sure to engage students during class and encourage them to go out of their comfort zone. He takes the time to talk to student's outside of class and values student's well being. He builds connections with students and helps them not only with problems from class, but with whatever daily problem they may have. -Keeliann Mark, Student

He always makes students feel comfortable and important. He takes time out of his busy schedule to make time to talk to his students. In classes, he does a great job at engaging his students in class discussion and makes sure they participate. -Grace Kotschwar, Student

Timothy Frey

I am in my 3rd year of working on my EdD. I am currently taking quantitative analysis and it is a brand new concept to me, of course it is a little scary but Tim makes it fun. He also has a very calm and uplifting demeanor which makes it easy to be in class and learn something brand new. -Cheri Beda

Linda Kalbach

This is my first semester at Doane and my very first class as a graduate student. I was really nervous about starting school and learning how to balance work, school, and home. I emailed Dr. Kalbach on one of the first days of the semester with a few requests, letting her know that I am just learning how to be an adult student. She was incredibly helpful and has continued to be over the last few weeks. Her feedback on my work is always well thought out and personal. Even through an online class, she is able to connect with her students and deepen our understanding of the material. Her hard work and passion for her students shows and is greatly appreciated! -Jordan Stolpe, Student

Dr. Kalbach has been a huge impact in my life since I came to Doane. She has helped me through many education classes to think deeper. She has done a directed study with me and has always pushed me to be the best I can be for the students I am teaching. I admire her laid back, respectful, caring attitude. I also respect how much extra work she does for students. She is the best. -Paige Dunn, Student

Laurie Seward Lofquist

Laurie really got me into knowing more about why students respond to different things and more interested into learning about our brain. She was clear with all of her expectations for all of the classes I took with her. She was also more than helpful outside of the classroom and responded to any and all questions, whether related to her class or not. Her classes were the first that I have honestly loved to take and wished there were so many more just to learn more about the brain and why it does what it does in different situations. She made the commute to class once a week completely bearable that I was sad to see them end. I feel like out of all the classes I took at Doane hers really stuck with me and made me want to know more. She explained things in ways that made us really think but gave us lots of different ways to figure things out. Honestly, she's possibly one of the best professors I've ever had. -Danielle Hilton

Melissa Clouse

She is always upbeat and happy to be there to teach. She never seems grumpy or unhappy about where she is and what she is doing. She makes my favorite subject even better and more interesting! She is a great person to talk to just about life stuff as well. She shares similar interests in other areas outside of her class that she will share with you and gives you information she has or has learned if you want it! She is always willing to go above and beyond to help any student that needs help or is struggling! I remember she set up times to meet with some football players who were in my physiology class who hadn't taken anatomy yet, and let me tell you that is hard to do and she realized that so she made sure that she was doing as much as she could to help those boys out with extra study sessions when they were available to do so! She is by far the BEST professor I have ever had and I wish she taught all of my classes! I looked forward to going to her class and I am sad that I don't have anymore classes with her. -Abigail Mohr McGill, Student

Taught in the best way that could help students learn, always wanted constructive criticism and worked to help us get better at learning, always encouraged extra help if needed. -Jeremy Fossum, Student

She was so accommodating with the class. She found ways to help each student during classes and she genuinely cared how classes went. Each class was smooth and intriguing even though they would be as long as an hour forty-five. She did an outstanding job in teaching the material and made it fun. She is a great teacher who expects great things out of each student. -Maegan Hiatt '18

Cathy Dillon

Cathy is the best academic advisor I've ever encountered my entire life. She has been there every step of the way, she's answered every question I've had and eased every worry that I've had. Now that I am to the end of my graduate program, I have her to thank for her patience and guidance throughout this journey. -Anne Dupondt, Student

Cathy is an amazing advisor. Since I started with Doane she has strong follow up and always welcoming whenever I see her. She remember names. Even my name and my husband names are very difficult since we are not originally from the U.S. She greets us and always encourage to reach her for any question. Her positive attitude impressed me. She approved the courses to register after her working hours. Whenever I sent an email she replies immediately. Maybe this is one of the reasons that encouraged me to continue at Doane. For having Cathy as an advisor and being accessible whenever we need a question. I believe this is one of the strongest point for Doane is the welcoming environment and accessibility. Thank you Cathy for all what you are doing. You made my journey at Doane a comfortable journey. -Majd Kara, Student

Pat Bohling

Pat is not only outstanding in her work that she does on campus, she is the most wonderful sorority sponsor. She is honest and will tell you how it is, but only in the best way. She cares very much for the girls and will drop anything to help you do what you need. Pat has been a role model for me in my time as an Omega, and she has had so much impact on campus. Thanks Pat! -Anna Bauerle, Student

Pat is a very hard worker and I never see her take a break. She is an outstanding greek life sponsor and will do anything for anyone! She is a very selfless human. -Morgan Frushour, Student

She is a dedicated advisor to our group and will drop anything she has to be there for us with our best interest in mind. -Breeanna Burkinshaw, Student

As the sponsor of Omega Psi Theta and part of the maintenance staff- Pat always goes above and beyond and steps in no matter where or what! She is always smiling and asking how your day was, and making sure you know that she cares. -Rachel Jacobsen, Student

She always has a smile on her face, she is caring, kind, and so helpful to all students. -Brookley Nitsch, Student

Amazing Omega sponsor!! She is always there for us and is our event supervisor even when it is inconvenient and she never complains about it! She is always great about cleaning bathrooms and when we have a work order, she fulfills it with no complaints! She is amazing! -Tiessa Hills, Student

Pat is always helping others! She is one of the sweetest ladies I know. -Steph Hoshor, Student

She is so dedicated to her work and puts in so much one and energy in to the Doane campus and Doane events! -Jaci Parriott, Student

Pat always goes out of her way to say hi to each and every student. She is the hardest worker that I know, and she is constantly sharing her loving spirit with everyone. Doane would be lost without her! -Madeline Sladovnik, Student

She is our sorority sponsor and she goes above and beyond to make us feel loved and give us the best opportunities! -Addyson Harland, Student

Pat is the most caring person in the world. She is currently serving as the Omega Psi Theta Sponsor and she has been like a second mom to most of us. Recently, she lost her husband Gale and she has taken that on with poise. I don’t think there is anyone that deserves this award more that Pat! -Madisen Ten Kley, Student

This woman dedicates a tremendous amount of time not only to Doane, but also to the group that she sponsors, Omega Psi Theta. She has the kindest heart and would do anything for anyone. I love Pat with all my heart and I could not think of a more deserving person for this award! -Morgan Doehring, Student

Pat is awesome! -Sheila Kerins, Student

Ted Hill

Professor Ted Hill is an outstanding professor. He supported me when I started my journey at Doane. Since English is not my native language, he was encouraging me to express myself and never hesitated to express my ideas and thoughts. He was very welcoming and encouraged the interaction at the class. His kindness impressed me. His attitude is appreciated. He is the one who encouraged me to go on through my journey at Doane. Thank you professor for creating a welcoming environment at Doane. You are the best professor who teaches from ethics not from books. -Majd Kara, Student

Carol Mack

Carol is an outstanding faculty member for more reasons than I can share. Carol was my education supervisor for two semesters, one for a practicum and one for student teaching. Even though she was my supervisor for the past we are still in contact and very close. I am currently in the process of applying and searching for a teaching job. She has been alongside me for the whole experience. She has spent hours on the phone with me to answer my questions and give me advice. During both of the semesters I was lucky enough to have Carol as a supervisor, I had personal troubles I was trying to work through. She was so understanding and helpful with my struggles. She always went to bat for me when others doubted my abilities. This was especially evident when she took the time out fo her busy schedule to come to my student teaching placement for the whole day to assist me in my lessons and with the classroom management. She would do anything for her students and goes above and beyond the expectations set for her. I have been blessed to have Carol in my life to guide me through my journey at Doane. I will be forever grateful for her mentorship and friendship. -Ainslee Christensen, Student

Terese Franics

Professor Terese Francis. I want to thank you for your support at Doane. Your outstanding attitude and the help you showed during my journey at Doane was incredible. I always remember your smiling face and the passion you have to help student in proof reading. Remembering my name each time I see you make me feel that I am recognized and visible at Doane. I am about to graduate and there is a word I must say thank you for everything. -Majd Kara, Student

Linda Butcher

Thank you Linda for your support during my Doane journey. I am about to graduate from MAM. Since English was not my native language, you helped me in all my assignments. I really appreciate you and I am very thankful for all what you did. Your immediate response whenever I have a question and when I need an assignment to be proof read is incredible. I learned lot from you. Thank for being at Doane for me. -Majd Kara, Student

Kate Engle

Kate is a great coach. She is very sweet and has a positive attitude each time we discuss an issue. She encouraged me in my Capstone Experience. Having such a great positive attitude helped me in going on through my Capstone. Whenever I say I cannot, you said you could. I am very thankful for you Kate for being here at Doane to support me and support all students. Thank you for being a great coach. -Majd Kara, Student

Brandi Hilton-Hageman

Brandi is always pushing students to their full potential. Has a great sense of humor and is willing to help students out with whatever they need. Her lectures are some of the best ones I've ever had at Doane. -Frankie Chacon, Student

As a professor, Dr. Hilton-Hagemann was well organized, outlined exactly what she expected from her students, and was willing to offer assistance in any way she could help (and she will probably cringe with my use of passive voice in this thank you letter). She gave me a dose of responsibility my junior year when I became her TA and tutor. I believe that year was pivotal in my education at Doane because those new roles allowed me to grow, not only as a student, but as a person. Dr. Hilton-Hagemann quickly became my go-to faculty member at Doane. If I had a problem, Dr. Hilton-Hagemann helped me come up with solutions that actually made a difference. She forced me out of my comfort zone by having mandatory presentations in her upper level classes and by incentivizing me to present at a Phi Alpha Theta history conference. To this day, I still ask her for advice when I'm clueless about how to handle a situation if I believe she may be able to help me maneuver a bit more easily. For all of those reasons (and more), I am grateful for the influence Dr. Hilton-Hagemann had on my educational experience at Doane. -Leslie Mueller '16

Jed Johnston

There are too many words to share to accurately portray the wonderful qualities Jed Johnston possesses. Although he calls himself "Just Jed" during our time in the Educational Leadership Cadre, he is MUCH more than "just" anything! He takes the time to really get to know each and every one of the cadre members and you can tell he genuinely cares about us. I am so incredibly thankful to get to learn from such an amazing professional and know that he will always be someone I can turn to for advice, a listening ear, or a laugh. Thank you, Jed! -Kira Mclean, 12E

Deb Stuto

I went through the Elementary Education Fast Track Program. Halfway through the program, I found myself suddenly a single parent and I had to sell my acreage, buy a new house in the neighboring town and move my two teenage children and myself. I would never have gotten through everything without her encouragement and support. She would call or text me to just check and see how I was on a personal level. She was my angel through one of the most difficult periods in my life. Without her encouragement and belief in me; I would never have finished the program. -Michelle Sterling-Evans

Deb Stuto is such an AMAZING PERSON! She truly exemplifies the characteristics you would want in an educator and also a Program Instructor. She works tirelessly to always meet any student request or question. She is genuine, honest, inspiring and compassionate. She is a great problem solver, multi-tasker and communicator. On top of all the she has an amazing level of patience. My entire time in the Fast Track Program she has never once let me down in terms of giving me her full attention when needed, she has made time for me when I needed clarification, she has explained things to me in a way that makes since when sometimes things aren't always crystal clear to me or I need more explanation, she has never wavered any time I have needed her help. She has been such a great role model, she has helped me inspire me to be the best teacher I can be while also helping me without hesitation. I have witnessed personally the workload and emails and phone calls she fields and responds to and gives guidance to on a daily basis and it is truly amazing how much she does for so many people. I can't say enough good things about Deb as a Program Instructor, Teacher, Role Model, and genuinely outstanding Human Being. THANK YOU DEB STUTO!!!! -Drew Burson

Meghan Gaul

Professor Gaul is one of my favorite humans on this planet. She is always so prepared to help me when I need it, and is so personable. I could go to her with anything. She truly cares about her students, and is very passionate about what she does. She always has a story for everything. I always dread leaving class, because her classes have always been my favorite. I met her on my tour of Doane, my senior year of high school, and she is one of the reasons I decided to attend Doane. Work from her classes never feel like work. This may be partially because she is my advisor, and graphic design is my major and I love it, but the way she teaches makes everything so enjoyable. I one hundred percent believe that professors play a huge role in your college experience, and so far, Professor Gaul has made my college experience so great. She also has a really rad dog named Banjo, who I occasionally will watch for her, and he's really great too. -Shelby Krueger, Student

Les Manns

I can learn so many things in his classes. Last semester, he helped me to modify and rewrite my final paper for so many times with lots of patience. He sometimes invites us in his home to have dinner and help me to get my car. When I have some questions, I come to his office hours, he always helps me to figure it out. Overall, his is the best professor I have ever seen. I really thankful to him. I feel very lucky that I have such a perfect host family and advisor! -Qianqian Du, Student

Most of all, he always brought the energy with him to class. This made every student want to match that. -Brad Vogt '98

Cindy Nitzel

Cindy is wonderful! She goes above and beyond every single day for every single student at Doane. Paying for a college education is stressful for the student and their family. Cindy takes the time to explain everything in layman's terms so it is never overwhelming or intimidating. She is always friendly, student focused, professional, and downright helpful. She has an incredible ability to take care of every student, from every campus, without making students feel like a number. I can't say enough great things about her and my student experience with her. -Megan Cunningham, Student

Amber Cownie

Amber was my favorite instructor in the Doane Master's of Curriculum and Instruction program! I took both Cooperative Learning 1 & 2.She made class fun and engaging, and is an authentic and caring individual. The content of the class was very applicable to my own classroom. She offered really helpful ideas and showed genuine care about helping me become a better teacher. The resources she shared have been very helpful when developing engaging, meaningful lessons in my classroom. Amber is an awesome instructor, and I have told my colleagues to take her class when they get a chance. -Leslie McIntosh, Student

Chris Hadfield

One semester was all that I spent with Chris so my experience with him was limited. However within that short span of time the impact of Professor Hadfield had on me as a person has positively changed my perspective on my craft and my view of how I work in the creative field. Professor Hadfield is absolutely without a doubt one of the highest quality people on your staff and I believe that he has the ability to generate creative minds that are prepared for a life in the creative field. I was honored to have met and worked with him and I hope that more students have that opportunity. -Stone Hood '18

Monique Belitz

Monique is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. She opens up a vulnerability to her students, being personable, telling stories, knowing more than enough information about many subjects. She cares truly about the impact she has in the classroom. She is my personal inspiration, she is enthusiastic about each and every subject she has taught, she is passionate beyond demand, and encourages students through everything she does. Another plus, is that I have never had a professor, especially an Art professor, be so diverse in the content that they teach. I have had her as a professor in a studio class and a history class, which isn't something I see any other art professor at Doane being able to do, and do successfully. -Sydney Wild '18

Becky Hunke

I had Becky for my LAR class and she was my first advisor. She became like a second mom to our LAR class. She was always looking out for us, and she was open to any questions we had or advice we needed as we transitioned to college. She brought our class extremely close and created a safe area where we could share our thoughts, fears, and anything else we needed help with. She is an amazing person! -Rhegan Fritzler, Student

Marty Fetch

Marty emphasized how important it is to build relationships with our students so that we can truly teach them! He has a way of reaching all grad students and helping anyone use their skills to improve their teaching skills. Marty always put the students first by adjusting to the needs of the class. -Alyssa VanWesten '17E

Brad Johnson

My life has been really difficult for me right now and I am struggling mentally with what has happened. When I told Brad what is going on in my life and how I am struggling. He told me he will keep me in his thoughts. He also said to take care of myself right now and we will worry about class later. He also said that if we need to we can meet during student hours. -Tazia Simpson, Student

Without Brad, I wouldn't have considered becoming an English major. However, I signed up for his intro to fiction course the spring semester of my freshman year and loved the readings and the way they were taught. He helped rekindle my love for reading that I lost from having iffy English teachers in high school. He had reasonable expectations and let students eager to learn exceed those expectations.One of the most challenging courses I have ever taken (and that includes courses in law school) was his Faulkner capstone course. I read dense text, wrote papers that forced me to step outside the scope of what I had ever written before, and contributed to a discussion with students who were as devoted to the course as I was and dealing with students who only picked up their syllabus to see what readings they need to spark note right before class. Brad dealt with all of us with the same level of respect and dignity. I have much to be thankful for from Brad. Each class I took with him let me grow a little (and in the case of my Faulkner seminar a lot) and become a better student. I will always be thankful for the contribution he had on my life at Doane. -Leslie Mueller '16

He's an amazing LAR teacher!! -Ashley Leinen, Student

Marilyn Johnson Farr

I have been been struggling mentally and have been having a hard time with family. She has taken it upon herself to email me and check in and see how I was doing. She checked to see how I was doing. She has let me do TA in the class, She let me take it as a credit, while learning to teach at the college level. -Tazia Simpson, Student

Aurelia Gamch

She motivates us on and off the field, to be better people. -Karleigh Klienknecht, Student

Coach Gamch has easily made my transition from high school to college very easy. As a freshman I was Really nervous coming to a new school with a new coach and she was very welcoming. She’s always available to listen about school stuff or personal stuff I know I can Always count on here to be there and have my back! -Blaire Edeal, Student

She has pushed our team to be mentally tough. She has shown us what it feels like to be a family on and off the field. She is someone who a lot of us girls look up to. -Tayler Mashburn, Student

Great Coach and amazing leader. -Carly Shniderson, Student

She is one of the nicest people I have meet. She is willing to lend a helping hand and or be a listening ear when I need it. -Jordyn Stearns, Student

Sarah Begay

She is well known by staff and students, plus she works hard to make sure Phi Sigma Tau and other students as well is getting the help that she needs. -Shae Richart, Student

Kristin Hetrick

This person deserves outstanding faculty/staff member because she is someone who is deeply invested in her students. She is extremely understanding and takes both professional and personal time to devote to those she teaches. She is an advocate for social issues that affect her students and a leading voice on issues that affect students others. She has had a huge impact on my life and been a guide through out my college career. -Alisha Sullivan, Student

I have taken classes with Professor Hetrick for four semesters in a row now, and I'm so glad that I have. I have a passion for learning German, and she has helped me to really improve my skills in the language. Even though Professor Hetrick has a lot of really amazing qualities as a teacher, she carries herself as a person in such a good manner that it makes it easy to approach her with anything. I'm sure that I have given her some challenges to deal with as a student, seeing as I'm extremely forgetful and sometimes not the most responsible. She always made it easy for me to be honest with her, which is a very important quality to have. As a professor, Professor Hetrick is always willing to answer any and all questions that a student may have. Yet, she lets us use our own knowledge to learn what we should. She builds up responsibility and accountability skills, because we as the German students are responsible for setting up a time with the TAs to take our vocabulary quizzes. Having Professor Hetrick as my German professor has opened my eyes to see how much I love learning the language. I am now in the process of getting a minor in German and I am so grateful to have such a supportive professor by my side throughout. -Lydia James, Student

Professor Hetrick has been nothing but absolutely wonderful to me during my time at Doane. From helping me learn a new language to encouraging me to use my talents outside of the classroom to benefit my community, professor Hetrick has made the past three years of my life meaningful and memorable. Without her guidance, I know that I would not have found the opportunities that she has shown me, and I would not have grown to become the strong person I am today. -Liz Kurtz, Student

I'm not the only one who has experienced these benefits. Anyone who has had a class with professor Hetrick loves her, and everyone who is lucky enough to be a German student knows that she gives 110% to us each day in the classroom. I can confidently say that each student who enters professor Hetrick's classroom will leave a better person. Although we might not show it, we German students really do appreciate all of the work she puts in to help us become better language learners. We might occasionally complain about vocabulary quizzes, slack a bit on homework here and there, and we might forget what we talked about during the last class, but we always feel lucky to be learning from such an intelligent and inspiring person. -Ivy Banks, Student

Professor Hetrick has been instrumental in my success here at Doane. She has ALWAYS been willing to assist me with my personal, academic, and professional growth. She continuous to open my eyes to new cultural experiences across the world. Although we at times have different opinions, I have learned so much from her. I thank her for her time and effort with All of her students. -Aaron Ernst, Student

Pat Monaghan

He is literally the best, he is the best at explaining things in a way that everyone can understand. He also just genuinely cares about his students and whether or not they succeed or fail. -MaKayla Parriott, Student

Brad Elder

He is so funny, makes class so interesting, and very good at giving students "brain herpes" (ask him about this before you judge). I love having him as a professor. -Kali Burghardt, Student

My favorite professor is Brad Elder. Brad is a rare gem to say the least. He’s passionate about his work, about his students and only wants us to succeed while cracking multiple jokes along the way. He’s asks about our lives and makes sure that we don’t take ourselves and school too seriously. Every class Ive taken with Brad has broadened my thinking on the natural world, he provokes your thinking and makes you question everything at the same time. This man is wise beyond his years and anyone would be lucky to take a class/talk with Brad. -Addyson Harland, Student

Amy Schlicting

Amy does everything she can to make sure that every person on the Crete Campus is safe and healthy! -Kellen Korinek, Student

Michael Stehlik

Mike works really hard in his job at the Service Bureau to make sure that everyone gets their mail. He's also done an amazing job in his first few weeks of being an advisor for DKP. -Kellen Korinek, Student

Bess Scott

Bess is the Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, and leads the Educational Leadership cadre that I am currently apart of. Bess optimizes what it means to be an outstanding faculty member, as well as person, but it is the way that Bess demonstrates what she teaches in her life that sets her above the rest. Bess is cultivating some of the greatest educators our state has to offer into the strong educational leaders that are needed to serve the students of Nebraska. It is her selfless commitment to the message that she teaches, and her passion for servant leadership that set her apart. I am more than privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from Bess, and look forward to the future opportunities that I will have to learn from her. -Jered Lee Shaw, Student

Dallas Underwood

Dallas has been there for me through thick and thin since my first year at Doane. Our connection has grown immensely and I couldn't imagine life without me. He is my "adopted grandpa." He has taught me so much and I am grateful for him. If I didn't have him here as support at Doane, I may not be who I am today. -Katie Glessman, Student

Juli Burney

I took 3 of Juli's classes because being in her class was like being with family. She made class and learning FUN! She does not judge you and wants to you succeed. There was about 4 or 5 of us that took all three classes with Juli. On the last day of our last class together, Juli took us out to eat to celebrate/mourn the last day of our classes together. We were really going to miss each other! Luckily, Juli has stayed in touch with us and has invited us over to her home for a BBQ. Not every teacher has done that. That is why Juli Burney deserves to be recognized. I give thanks to you, Juli, for making learning fun. -Abby McDaniels Monson '15L

Eric Stearns

I chose Eric Stearns because although his classes are challenging it taught me so much and pushed my abilities to heights I did not expect.He is always willing to help a students and provides all his support. He provides constructive feedback and is very encouraging for growth. -Renee Lukowicz, Student

Joel Egger

Joel is always willing to work with students to create works of art that are incredible. He goes above and beyond to help out those with whom he works with. He is also genuinely concerned with students' mental health and stress levels during show weeks, which is when high levels of stress occur most often. -Grace Wowbbecke, Student

Kelly Jirovec

Nurse Kelly is always on the side of the students. She is a listening ear when you need one. She is always communicating with other campus offices to keep the students healthy. This time of year is when the flu ravages campuses all over, and Kelly has done a great job at providing information to healthy students about the precautions they can take to stay healthy. She also has helped sick students catch their symptoms earlier so they can start the road to healthiness. -Jami Hillman, Student

Jean Kilnoski

Words simply cannot describe how amazing Jean Kilnoski is. She always helps every student on an individual basis, consistently looking out for your best interest and has a very caring heart. The masters of arts in counseling program in Lincoln would not where it is today without her. She is a blessing to her students, Doane University, and to me throughout my journey in graduate school. -Tahra Brown, Student

Jean makes it a point to know all the MAC students personally. Her door is always open for whatever a student might need. The MAC program is difficult and one can get discouraged at times. Jean has a way of making you feel like you always have someone on your side. I've also had the pleasure of taking one of her courses. She's one of the best instructors Ive ever had. She is very intelligent and has way of making class so interesting that you never look at the clock because you are soaking up all the knowledge she is sharing. I'm not sure if I would have made it this far in the program without her. Just seeing her open door and knowing that if i need advice or just to vent, she's always there helps me feel like i really have someone on my side that wants to see me succeed in this program. She's irreplaceable. -Kristine Votava '15L

Emily Heathcock

I mean Emily while I was attending SCC and I happened to walk by the advisor office. I saw Emily through the big glass window. Emily made friendly eye contact with a welcoming big smile. I was not going to stop, but felt drawn to her warm greeting. Instantly, I could tell Emily was excited about Doane and the tight nit family like environment she worked in, and this is exactly how she immediately made me feel. I felt so comfortable speaking with her and took her card and agreed to meet with her about transferring to Doane in the Human Relations program. Eventually Emily became my advisor and my friend. Not only has Emily advised me on my career path and helped me tailor my aspirations to set a path to help me achieve my dreams, she has also been there for me during stressful and trying times, by helping me locate resources to help resolve a crisis. Emily has gone above and beyond the call of duty. To this day, Emily has been an asset to me by providing me a reference for entrance into the MAC program at Doane and recently provided a survey reference for a job application. I cannot tell you enough how Emily has positively impacted my life. Emily is a genuine kind person who does because she can not because she has to. I will always remember that day I first saw her smile and how her eyes locked with mine, a genuine compassion and such a personal approach. I could tell Emily really cared. Emily is the reason why I chose to attend Doane and why I attribute part of my success of why and where I am today because of meeting her that special day. I recently expressed this same story to Emily and she humbly replied thank you Lora ....your going to make me cry. She is an amazing person and I am grateful for meeting her! -Lora Ross '16L

Nick Vaccaro

Hey Nick, One of the defining moments of my time at Doane was your improvisational recital in the Conn. thank you so much for your dedication to the arts as well as the sciences. One day, when I'm finally ready to teach, I want to emulate you. -Chet Miller '10

Benjamin Reed

He did what he could to make the class fun, and he always went out of his way to connect with his students last semester.

Marty Fye

Marty sold me on Doane when I was a sophomore in high school. From that moment on I knew I was going to Doane. The first time I set foot on campus or talked to a professor was the day my parents dropped me off my freshman year. I guess you could say I went to Doane sight unseen. Marty even convinced my dad that Doane was a better fit for me than the “ag college” in Curtis! I love Doane now as much as I did in 1984 as a freshman! Thanks Marty for the reason I went to Doane! -Becky Mousel '88

Lowell Dodd

Mr. Dodd impacted my life more than he ever knew! He was the definition of an educator. He cared about each of “his kids” in a personal level and he knew what each of us needed. He gave great advice whenever I had a question and I knew he believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. He was one of a kind and I was blessed to have him be my teacher. When I think of my favorite teachers during my lifetime Mr. Dodd is always at the top of the list. He was simply The best! I’ve been a teacher for 30 years and often find myself asking”What would Mr. Dodd tell me?” I miss him and love him dearly! ❤️ -Becky Mousel '88

Mr. Dodd was my academic advisor, but, most important, he was my mentor. Mr. Dodd was the director of the Doane Media Center, which housed the campus TV station. I worked in the Media Center during my last two years at Doane, so I got to see Mr. Dodd every day. He would often ask me, "How are you doin' today, Babe?" He was truly interested in me as a student and a student worker, but he was more interested in me as a person. I think of Mr. Dodd every single day of my life, and I owe him for my longevity at Doane and for my membership in the Crete Rotary Club. Mr. Dodd is always in my heart! -Cody Vance '82

Ann Spotanski

I was extremely nervous to apply and sign up for my Masters, but even on the first day of Ed. Leadership Class, Ann made not only myself, but others feel right at home. Ann has been extremely supportive through the entire process and has helped me grow tremendously as a leader and person. I would not be where I am today without her help. She is always available for help and always willing to help. I appreciate her so much! -Natalie Svoboda Starostka

Evelyn Haller

Dr Evelyn Haller was a very wise and patient teacher in the literature faculty. She didn't just teach literature; she taught us how to think about literature, and how to teach ourselves. Dr Haller gave me a great deal of encouragement and helped my self-confidence. I have derived a great deal of pleasure from reading ever since, and although I have yet to achieve my goals as a writer, they have taken me on an incredible journey and remain as important a part of my daily existence as they were two and three decades ago. -Quentin Poulsen

Cody Vance

Cody is not merely the ‘Voice of Doane’. Cody is a loyal graduate of Doane, a dedicated Staff Member and outstanding representative for this University! I am grateful to Cody for the genuine investment he’s made in my son, Ben! Ben will be a better man because of Cody’s encouragement, support and influence! Thank you, Cody Vance, for your continued commitment to the students, faculty and staff of Doane University! Go, Tigers! -Dave Berreckman

Robin McKercher

Rob McKercher ensured I was not only successful but felt fulfilled in all aspects of my experience at Doane. I considered the theatre department a part of my family that I could turn to during hard times. Whether it be for advice, support or critiquing. Rob fostered an amazing, fun environment for learning and exploring. He taught me that your heart must be in it, whatever "it" may be, otherwise no one will believe what you're offering. That was crucial onstage but he'll never know how much I carry that with me in my everyday life. He believed in me, offered incredible education and taught me to take risks; but above all, he made certain I was thriving personally. Thank you, Rob (and Rhonda!)! -Coryelle Thomas '14

Ray Zeisset

Dr. Zeisset is a wonderful instructor. I cannot say enough good about him. He teachers in a manner where students can learn difficult material and feel comfortable with it. He recognizes that statistics, measurement and assessment are not easy for all students and is willing to work with each and every student to help them to understand it. His class was the first time that I have been able to successfully learn about statistics and measurement. I cannot thank Dr. Zeisset and Doane University enough for that! -Cheri Hamilton Stollar

Dr. Mark Orsag

Dr. Orsag was one of the first professors I had at Doane. He convinced me to become a history major after I took the basic Into to Western Civ courses from him. His encouragement and faith in me helped me believe in myself. Dr. Orsag encouraged me to pursue the law and become a lawyer. Without his encouragement (and many letters of recommendations), I may have given up on my legal aspirations. I am so thankful I had Dr. Orsag my first semester, because if I hadn't I might not have become a history major, and the transition from high school to college might have been quite a bit rougher if I didn't have a professor's unwavering belief in me from the start. -Leslie Mueller '16

Rick Schmuecker

Rick is our Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Communication. Basically, Rick is in charge of sports information at Doane. I am biased because I work with him every day, but he is the best SID I have ever seen, and he is a mentor for other SIDs in the Great Plains Athletic Conference and NAIA. Rick spends hours on the job; it is common to see him in his office well beyond midnight when several Doane teams are playing on the same day. Rick is very committed to his job. Last fall, he was out of the office for about five weeks as he was recovering from back surgery. However, Rick was only a phone call away. I remember one home football game where Rick was advising his graduate student and student workers on the phone as they were recording the statistics of the football game. He did so in a patient, calm manner during a hectic time. I could write much more, but suffice it to say that Rick goes way above and beyond the call of duty. It is great to have him as a colleague! -Cody Vance '82

Robert Sharp

Robert is one of the most genuine people that I have yet to meet in my life and he is so caring. He fights tooth and nail for the students and believes that the students deserve the best. Appreciate isn't a clear enough word to express my gratitude towards him. -Samantha Schmidt, Student

Cindy Meyer

I believe that Cindy is an outstanding faculty member because of the passion that she has for what she does. She is so knowledgeable in all the topics we cover and is always sharing something new that she has found. She is passionate about learning, teaching students to learn and watching her students succeed. I have learned a lot from her over these past two years. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to have her as a professor! Thank you Cindy for all you've done! -McKenna Dodd '18

Ramesh Laungani

Got to know me personally and was always there for help or advice if needed, would always going over exams one on one after his class was over. -Jeremy Fossum, Student

Ramesh has been one of my favorite professors at Doane. Junior year he taught my conservation class and I learned so much from him! He is a brilliant man and is so passionate about his work and this planet! Ramesh is a rare gem and Doane University and the students are lucky to have him here as a professor. -Addyson Harland, Student

Roy Scheele

Prof. Scheele has made all the difference in my path at Doane. He encouraged me through some rough patches and has always been kind and understanding. He is the sole reason I had the courage to pursue my poetry as an area of study. Otherwise, it would have remained a hobby I was reluctant to share. He is the source of encouragement I need in all areas of life, but don't always have. He is the single professor who has made the most difference in my life. -Maria Wendt

Danelle DeBoer

Danelle is great! During my time at Doane, I was a student who learned the best through sitting back and listening to the conversations in a class room. I was not big into speaking up in class. Danelle recognized that and always understood that even though I was engaging in conversations in class, that I was really involved in her discussions in class. Danelle was also my advisor. Danelle worked with me during my time at Doane in ensuring I was complete all my credits, and sorting out my transfer credits. I became very ill and placed in the hospital the week of finals in May of 2015. I was very stressed about completing my finals so I could pass my courses. Danelle contact me daily to check in on me and she worked with me on completing my finals once I was ready. Danelle is all around a great person. Any student who has Danelle as a professor/advisor is EXTREMELY privileged! -Kellie Carnes Lundy '16

I would like to thank Dr. Danelle DeBoer for being a positive part of my Doane experience. She served as a major influence in helping me to find an academic focus, and her confidence in me and my abilities helped me to have greater confidence in my work and myself. She provided opportunities for learning and growth outside of the classroom as her assistant, and as a member of the groups that traveled to and presented at the Nebraska Undergraduate Sociological Symposiums (NUSS) and Midwest Sociological Symposiums (MSS). Danelle had a positive influence beyond my years at Doane as she encouraged me to pursue graduate school and guided me through the application process. Danelle was an integral part of my time at Doane, and I am so thankful for the time and energy she put into her work with students. She was not only my professor and advisor, but also a mentor and trusted friend. Thank you, Danelle! -Laura Forster Schwartz '03