Get Protected

Get Protected

Spyware and Malware (Anti-virus)

Installing anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer is like preventative medicine; it will keep your computer healthy and guard against future outbreaks.


Current Threats

These days, it's not only viruses that can harm your computer. Online criminals can potentially take control of any webpage and infiltrate your computer.


Policies and Guidelines

Doane University's Computer Use Policies and Procedures defines the boundaries of acceptable use of college computing and communication resources, including computers, networks, electronic mail services, electronic information sources, voice mail, telephone services, and other communication resources.


Security Basics and Best Practices

The following checklist will assist with remediating a windows machine which has been compromised due to unauthorized access (hack), malicious code (virus/worm/trojan), or other types of vulnerabilities in which the integrity of the machine is questionable.