Frequently Asked Questions- Application Process


Is it true that I can choose to self-report my academic information on my admission application instead of requesting that my high school send an official copy of my transcript?

  • That is correct! We will accept your self-reported high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores on your application to make an initial admission decision.

Do I still need to request my ACT/SAT scores be sent to Doane University?

  • Yes! Make sure to mark Doane University as an institution to receive your scores. (Doane ACT code: 2448; SAT code: 6165)

Why do you allow students to self-report their academic information?

  • To make it more convenient and an easier process for you!
  • Instead of high schools sending numerous transcripts for one student, they can send their final transcript and that's it. More environmentally friendly!
  • Students will receive an admission decision within a couple of days instead of a couple weeks.
  • If students do not meet the initial admission requirements to attend Doane University, they will be notified of their next steps within a few days.

Have Doane University's admission requirements changed?

  • Of course not! Doane University still holds its applicants to a very high standard when applying for admission. Students will need to submit an official final high school transcript which verifies their academic information.  

If I was admitted based on my self-reported academic information, what happens if my final transcript shows I don't meet Doane University's admission requirements?

  • Your admission offer and any subsequent scholarships received may be adjusted.

Who else can self-report their academic information to receive an initial admission decision?

  • Only U.S. first-time freshman students who are currently still in high school at the time of application.


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