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How much do I enjoy my music making?

For the music faculty at Doane College, performer attitude means a lot.  The scholarship requires you participate in an ensemble every semester, and take private lessons (free to you).  Most students enjoy the ensemble participation to the extent that the scholarship money is simply an added incentive.

For students who really enjoyed participation in high school pep band or marching band, a Tiger Pep Band Grant is available. This scholarship will give you a small amount of scholarship money in exchange for participation in the Tiger Pep Band. The pep band plays for all home football games and one away football game and rehearses once a week on Fridays.

What are the scholarship requirements?

All scholarships for performance ensembles require you to take from two to seven semesters of lessons, depending upon the amount of ability-based scholarship money you receive. Students with higher scholarship awards are also asked to take FAR 104 (developing musical skills). This music fundamentals course will fulfill the Aesthetic Perspective requirement in the Doane Plan.

How do I know if I am talented enough to receive scholarship money?

You should definitely audition. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you have talent worthy of receiving scholarship money. Our awards are based on several factors, but primarily on ability and ensemble needs. We encourage anyone who has an interest to try out.

What is a scholarship audition like?

The audition serves two purposes. It is an opportunity for you, as an individual and a musician, to make an impression on us. It also provides an opportunity for us to make an impression on you. You should also prepare your performance material ahead of time so that you can do your best.

How much scholarship money will I receive?

The amount of scholarships is highly variable. The department gives its highest awards to students who have outstanding musical ability, but high awards also go to students who sing a particular voice or play an instrument which the college needs. We try to help as many good musicians as possible within the limits of our scholarship budget.

What if I am unable to come to the auditions?

It is always best to audition in person for scholarship money. Due to the highly variable quality of recording equipment and microphones, it is sometimes difficult to get a high quality recording of your music. However, many of our Doane students come from outside the state of Nebraska, and may find it impossible to get to Crete for a live audition. If you cannot make it to the campus in February, we certainly want you to submit a recorded audition. A DVD or CD recording is preferable. Remember that you are being judged primarily on the quality of your playing or singing. Therefore, the higher the quality of your recording, the more accurately we can assess your musical ability and recognize it accordingly.

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