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College of Arts and Sciences

The French program is designed to serve a variety of goals. It provides instruction in the French language, French and Francophone literature and culture, and it plays an integral role in the Contemporary European Studies major. Students with a knowledge of French will find career opportunities throughout the French-speaking world in business, management, marketing, development programs, education, science, communication, and much more. A major in French is required for certification to teach the language in high school. 



Learning Environment

Approximately 30-35 students are in the French program each year, with 8-10 studying abroad during the year. Introductory courses average 20 students, while advanced courses range from 5-15 students. Small class sizes provide more opportunity for oral practice. French is used as much as possible in the classroom, incorporating the receptive skills of listening and reading, as well as the productive skills of speaking and writing. At every stage, learners are building on previously learned skills.


You are required to spend a semester studying abroad to hone your skills through an intensive immersion in French. French majors generally choose Doane's affiliated study program in Paris at Sorbonne University.