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Federal College Scorecard

Federal College Scorecard

In February 2013, the Federal College Scorecard was launched by the U.S. Department of Education with the goal to help provide information to students and parents about college affordability and value. Please note the information in the scorecard may not apply to all students, so it's important to read each section carefully. Visit the government website for more information on the Federal College Scorecard. With a strong history, reputation for academic excellence, and an exciting future, it's apparent why Doane University is consistently ranked among the top regional colleges. Visit today!

College Affordability and Transparency Center Federal College Scorecard  

What does it typically cost to attend Doane University - Crete? The average net price for undergraduate students is $21,638 per year. Net price is what undergraduate students pay after grants and scholarships (financial aid you don’t have to pay back) are subtracted from the institution’s cost of attendance.  The average net price has increased 21% from 2009 to 2011.
Triangle The above figure is based on first-time, full-time students on the Crete campus only. Non-traditional undergraduate students and graduate students are welcome to contact the Financial Aid Office for information. Our Net Price Calculator can provide you and your family with an early estimate of the financial aid, including scholarships and grants, for which you might qualify. Doane's focus is on academic excellence, and with that commitment to quality is maintaining affordability. The college's tuition is within range of our closest Nebraska peer schools and well below the cost of many comparable, national liberal arts and sciences colleges. In 2012-2013, 96 percent of our students received financial aid totaling $12.7 million.
GRADUATION RATE                            
graduation rate
What percentage of students graduate? 60.2% of full-time students received their bachelor’s degree within 6 years. Graduation rate data are based on undergraduate students who enrolled full-time and have never enrolled in college before. This may not represent all undergraduates that attend this institution.
TriangleThe graduate rate is based on the Crete campus only, and does not include Doane's non-traditional and graduate programs. Doane University has a four-year graduation rate of 60 percent, so our students are spending less and beginning their careers sooner. The college was among the first in the nation to offer a Four-Year Graduation Guarantee back in 1995. Today, Doane enjoys one of the highest four-year graduation rates among all colleges in Nebraska.
LOAN DEFAULT RATE                        
loan default rate
Are students able to repay their loans after they graduate? 2.7% of borrowers defaulted on their Federal student loans within three years of entering repayment.
TriangleThe figures above represent all undergraduate and graduates students at Doane. Doane's default rate is below the Nebraska state average of 5.6% and the national average of 13.4%.
median borrowing
What is the typical amount borrowed for a student’s undergraduate study? Families typically borrow $20,225 in Federal loans for a student’s undergraduate study. The Federal loan payment over 10 years for this amount is approximately $211.17 per month. Your borrowing may be different.
Triangle The figures above are averaged based on undergraduate students from the Crete campus as well as the non-traditional undergraduate programs. 
Employment Section - Briefcase
What kinds of jobs do students have when they graduate? The U.S. Department of Education is working to provide information about the average earnings of former undergraduate students at Doane University - Crete who borrowed Federal student loans. In the meantime, ask Doane University - Crete to tell you about how many of its graduates get jobs, what kinds of jobs they get, and how much those graduates typically earn.
Triangle This Federal College Scorecard has been designed by the U.S. Department of Education to provide better information to students and parents about college affordability and value. Visit for more information.