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I received a D in a course. Will the VA pay for me to retake it?

This answer will vary depending on the circumstances.  It is best to check with your campus VA representative for details.  Questions the VA campus rep will consider include if you need to raise your GPA to get to a 2.0 for graduation.  Also if repeating the course is counted in your full-time load or if it is in addition to your full-time load.

I received an F in a course. Will the VA pay for me to retake it?

Yes, the VA will pay to retake a course once.  If you are unsuccessful twice, the VA generally will not pay for a third repeat.

I will be studying abroad next semester. What do I need to do?

Visit the Registrar's office.  They will enroll you in an Off Campus course.

I'll be a junior after I complete this semester. Can I register for next semester prior to the date associated with my class level?

No, WebAdvisor scheduling will be done BY CLASS LEVEL  according to the number of credits students have earned up to this point in time. 
You are currently a sophomore.

I'm considering an internship, how do I do that?

Start by contacting Career Development.  Remember that CED 205, Intro. to Field Experience, is a prerequisite for an internship experience.  

I'm graduating in May. Is there anything I should be doing now? Am I taking all the classes required to graduate?

Once you're registered for Spring, the Registrar's Office will review your program evaluation to make sure everything is on track.  You will receive an email with directions to complete the graduation application or if there are concerns that need to be addressed.

I'm not planning to return to Doane next semester. Who needs to be informed?

Start with Student Leadership or the Academic Affairs Office.  Either office will assist you in starting this process.

I'm supposed to get a VA kicker. but I haven't yet?

Kickers, or sign up incentives, are paid directly to the veteran/student.  Please contact your Education Services Officer for details.

If I am degree-seeking or working on an added endorsement who is my adviser and how can I contact my adviser?

- Dr. Lyn Forester, the Dean of Graduate Studies in Curriculum & Instruction serves as the adviser for the curriculum and instruction students. You can e-mail her at lyn.forester@doane.edu or call 1-800-333-6263.

- You can also contact Wilma Daddario, the Assistant Dean at wilma.daddario@doane.edu or call 1-888-803-6263, ext. 322.


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