Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

Can I refer a student to the Writing Center?

Yes.  Student referral forms are available in hard copy form in the Writing Center or in electronic form via e-mail.  Contact Phil Weitl at philip.weitl@doane.edu for a copy.   

It isn't necessarily prudent to require all of your students to visit the Writing Center before every writing assignment is due.  Why?  A Writing Center visit will likely be ineffective if a student is forced to go.  He or she will neither take an active role during the session nor implement afterward what was discussed or suggested. 

Also, we must remember that one visit to the Writing Center will not transform a student from a struggling writer into a polished writer.  Often the issues requiring attention are too numerous and too embedded to resolve in one or even several fifty-minute sessions in the Writing Center.  So, we would like to meet with students steadily and regularly over the course of their time at Doane.  This way, the Writing Center can work as it should, as a supplement to your work in the classroom.  And we can work with you to help them address issues systematically over time, making it more likely that changes and improvements to their writing will be lasting.

Can I reserve my current room and live in it again next year? Do I get special preference for squatting in my current room?

You're welcome to reserve your room again for next year.  Unfortunately, you do not receive special preference in the selection process for staying in the same room year to year.

Can I take summer school?

Yes! The Crete campus is offering on-line courses with faculty you already know in Doane Core Connection areas. See http://www.doane.edu/summer-experience-2016 for listings.

Summer school courses are also available at the Doane University - Grand Island, Lincoln or Omaha campuses. This summer schedule will be available ON LINE after April 11th. Summer courses need to be approved by the Registrar's Office BEFORE students enroll in those courses.

Can I take summer school at another institution?

Summer courses need to be approved by the Registrar's Office BEFORE students enroll in those courses. The approval form is available from the Registrar's Office.

Can I transfer any previous graduate credit to the Education Specialist program?

No transfer credits are accepted in this program, with the exception of similar coursework in the two “stand alone” courses.

Can I transfer any previous graduate credit to the Educational Leadership program?

A student can transfer a maximum of 6 credit hours subject to review by the dean as to recency and relevancy. Any transfer credit must have been eared from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning. Courses must relate to educational issues in the areas of instructional improvement, critical issues, and assessment as any accepted transfer courses will substitute for EDU-600, EDU-601 or EDU-602.

Can I transfer credits from another college or university to my Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program?

Yes, students can transfer up to 12 hours of elective credit completed as part of a graduate degree program within the past 7 years to their Doane Curriculum and Instruction program. Official transcripts must be forwarded to: Graduate Studies in Education, Doane College, 303 N. 52nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68504 for review of the credits. Workshop or continuing education credits cannot be transferred to a Curriculum and Instruction program.

Can I use distribution groups in Gmail?

Yes. All of Doane's email data has been converted to Gmail.

Can my family afford Doane?

Enrolling in college is truly an investment. Before checking, families sometimes think they cannot afford Doane. We believe a student who is admitted and wants to attend Doane should not be prevented from doing so because of financial reasons. A substantial financial aid program is available for this purpose, with the understanding that the primary responsibility for meeting college costs rests with the students and their parents.

Check out books, course reserves, etc.

You must have your Doane ID -- or a Perkins Library card if you are a community user -- to take anything out of the library. Bring your materials to the desk near the library entrance and present them with your identification. The person on desk will scan your ID and the barcodes on the materials to attach them to your account. See our policies page for length of check out for all materials as well as a list of materials that may be used in the library only.

Cite sources

Which citation style to use depends on the discipline and professor for whom you are writing it. The two most popular styles are MLA for humanities courses and APA for the sciences. Many social science courses may use the Chicago/Turabian style. When in doubt ask your professor which style he or she prefers.

Each citation style has a handbook describing the details of writing citations for various types of resources. The library has at least one copy of each handbook on reserve or in the reference collection that can be located by searching theonline catalog.

There also are many citation helpers on the internet:


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