Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

What holiday decorations are allowed in the rooms?

Enjoy the holiday season, but remember to be safe as well. Due to concerns in regards to Fire Safety the following items are prohibited in Residence Halls.

  1. Live trees

  2. Extension cords

  3. Holiday lights that are not UL approved

  4. Candles

Safety Tips:

  1. Turn off all holiday lights when you are leaving your room or are going to sleep.

  2. Don't utilize lights that interfere with a door opening or shutting.

  3. If you are baking, use a timer so you don't forget something in the oven.

  4. Decorations and trees must not cover fire extinguishers, exit signs, exit doors, etc., or negate the purpose of these devices. Be sure all corridors and exits are clear and available for routine use.

  5. Take decorations down after the holidays and dispose of them properly or store them in a safe place.

Additional questions may be answered by accessing the Student Handbook and referring to the residence life section, or by contacting the Residence Life Office atdoanehousing@doane.edu.

What if I cannot find someone to live with in time for Housing Selection?

You have two options.  First, you can reserve a double room as a private.  Second, you can sign a waiting list for roommates.  The waiting list is for general housing.  You can request a hall when signing the list, but you cannot request a specific room.  Depending on availability, we may not be able to honor your hall request, either.

What if I cannot make it to room selection for Traditional Housing on May 3rd?

Please stop by the Residence Life Office in Perry at your earliest convenience.  You will need to complete the housing selection form, sign a housing contract, and designate a representative using a proxy form.  Your representative will need to present the selection form and contract when s/he chooses your room; the proxy form must be turned in to the Residence Life Office prior to selection.
Please note: By selecting a person to represent you, you are giving them the right to pick your room and use your lottery points when making that selection.  We strongly encourage you to give them a list of your first choice and several backups.
If we have not received your proxy form by noon on May 3rd, your representative will not be allowed to pick a room for you.

What if I don't like my roommate? Can I change rooms?

Changes in room assignments will be granted for a two-week period each semester. At any other time, changes will carry a $75 room change/processing fee. Contact your RA/RD to change rooms.

What if I register for less than 12 hours?

The business office will bill you as a part-time student.  Estimated bills will reflect your early registration hours and Financial Aid Award letters will be issued based on the registered hours.

What is a cadre?

A cadre is group of people who form a collaborative learning community. The members of a cadre take the core hours in the Education Specialist program together. By working in a cadre, students experience a working model aimed at both developing leadership potential and experiencing the work of a collaborative group of educators.

What is a private? How is it different from a single?

"Private" refers to any room that has less than it's maximum occupancy.  This can mean a double room reserved for a single person or a triple reserved for one or two people.  Private rooms are available most years, but Doane Housing always reserves the right to dissolve a private and assign a roommate if the need for housing demands it.  Dissolution of privates is extremely rare, and we dissolve based on lottery points.

A single room is one intended to house only occupant.  Singles cost a little more per semester, but not as much as a private double or triple.

What is Census Day?

Census Day is the second Friday after classes start.  On that day, Doane College finalizes its numbers for class enrollment, housing assignments, and more.  Doane Housing relies on the reports generated on Census Day to determine in-hall retention rates, building occupancy, and housing fees for residents.

What is CSI: Doane?

This is an interactive workshop for high-school students who have completed one year of life science. Participants will rotate through several areas, learning about the biology and chemistry behind techniques used in forensic science, such as DNA fingerprinting, autopsy analysis, and how studying insects can provide information about a crime.   The program includes lunch, keynote address, and awards.  This year, CSI: Doane will be held on April 1.  Check-in runs from 8:00 to 8:30, and the event ends at 1:00.

What is FERPA?

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law designed to protect you.  It outlines who Doane can share your information with, and what rights you have as a student to your academic records.  Upon admission to Doane all students should sign a FERPA release form that explains your rights and allows you to give other people (mom, dad, husband, employer, grandma, etc.) access if you so wish.   To view this form, visit the Forms for Student page and select the FERPA form.  More details can be found in the Crete Student Handbook as well as the Lincoln Student Handbook or view Doane's FERPA policy.


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