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What can I bring to campus?

Beds, desks, chairs, study lamps, and closet/drawer space are provided in each room. You may want to bring items from home and collaborate with your roommate about what will give your room a more personal feeling. Click here for a list of recommended items to bring with you to campus.

What coursework does the cadre take together?

- EDL-675 – Foundations of Educational Leadership – 6 credit hours – Summer I

- EDL-680/681/682 – Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Field Experience/Practicum I – 3 credit hours – Fall 1

- EDL-683/684/685 – Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Field Experience/Practicum II – 3 credit hours – Spring I

- EDL-621 – Leadership Internship – 3 credit hours – Summer II

- EDL-686 – Advanced Educational Leadership I – 6 credit hours – Summer II

- EDL:-687 – Advanced Educational Leadership II – 3 credit hours – Fall II

- EDL-695 – Research/Project Implementation – 3 credit hours – Spring II

What coursework does the candidate take separately or as “Stand-Alone” courses?

- EDL-676 – Assessment of Student Learning for Educational Leaders – 3 credit hours – offered in Spring II – students may substitute EDU-602 Assessment of Learning for this course. EDU-602 is offered at various locations each semester

- EDU-600 Improvement of Instruction – 3 credit hours – offered at various locations each semester

- EDU-601 – Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction – 3 credit hours – offered at various locations each semester

What degree and endorsement will the Educational Leadership graduate earn?

Completion of the program results in an Education Specialist Degree from Doane College. Graduates are eligible to apply to the State of Nebraska for an administrative endorsement as a superintendent.

What do I do if I don't have my own computer?

Laptops can be checked out from the library during normal hours. There are also computer labs located in Perkins Library, Communications, and Chab Weyers Education & Hixson Lied Art buildings.

What do I need to complete before I can register for classes?

You must complete an application for graduate study before you can register for any graduate education courses. You can do this at www.doane.edu – “Apply Today” or call the Graduate Office at 1-888-803-6263 and ask us to send you a hard copy of the application. You can apply as either degree-seeking and/or endorsement seeking or non-degree-seeking.

What endorsements does Doane offer for certified teachers to add to their certificate?

Doane offers endorsements in Early Childhood, ESL, Mild, Moderate Special Education, Reading Specialist, and High Ability K-12 Education. The coursework required for the endorsement can also be used to meet elective requirements for the Curriculum and Instruction degree program.

What happens if I forget to register?

Students who do not schedule their courses during the registration period, will be contacted by a member of the retention committee.

What happens when the outside recycle bin is full?

Once the outside recycling bin is full you have two options.  First, hold on to your recycling until Friday afternoon when the outside bins are typically dumped.  Second, you can place your recyclable materials into the trash.  If you do this they will not be recycled.  To avoid this problem, encourage others to crush and compact all their recyclables.  There is more than enough space in the outside bins to handle most of our recycling needs if we compact our recycling.

What happens when the trash bin next to a recycle bin is full?

Despite the need for recycling on campus, the outside recycling bins serve as backups to the main trash bins.  As bugs are worked out of our system we will try to add extra recycle bins as needed.  Trash bin space can be conserved if you encourage others to compact their trash before it is thrown away.


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