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Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

Submit Enrollment Deposit and Other Forms/Documents

Enrollment Deposit 

Once the I-20 is received, the student should pay the enrollment deposit. The enrollment deposit amount is in the initial admittance notification. 

Complete and Submit Other Forms/Documents

Once admitted, you would receive additional information about the following materials to complete enrollment at Doane. You can begin working on these before obtaining a Visa. 

  1. Proof of Health Insurance

    A current U.S. insurance card and/or U.S. insurance policy outlining coverage should be submitted. If the student does not have appropriate insurance, an insurance plan can be set up with the Doane University admission office before arrival. International student-athletes should make sure that their insurance plan covers intercollegiate athletic injuries.

  2. Student Health Forms

    Students should complete the necessary health forms on Doane’s Health Portal. All required immunizations must be obtained before entering the United States. International student-athletes should complete additional health documentation found in the “ My Forms” tab within the Health Portal. See the Student Health Services page for additional information and nurse contact information.

  3. Student Housing Form

    This form is used to make housing assignments based on student interests and habits. Click here for more information and access to these forms.

  4. Course Enrollment

    After paying the deposit, the student is eligible to complete enrollment registration for class selection through WebAdvisor. Enrollment should but is not required to be coordinated by the admission office before student arrival on campus.

  5. Application Documents

    Original, official copies of all application documents are required upon arrival to campus.

  6. Payment

    All student balances (remaining costs for tuition, fees, room, board, and books) must be paid in full by the first day of each term

Suggest materials for purchase

The library staff welcomes suggestions for materials to be added to the library's collections, whether the material is physical or electronic. Please be aware, though, that Perkins Library cannot purchase everything due to its limited budget, and each suggestion will be judged for its appropriateness according to the library's collection development policy. Requests may be submitted online using the Puchase Request Form, or the ordering information may be turned in to the Collection Development Librarian in the library. Please provide as much information as possible to uniquely identify the material. If an item is purchased the requester will be notified when it is available in the library.

Switch computers from Windows to Mac

The computers in the library's Information Commons have both operating systems, Windows and Mac. To switch from Windows to Mac, go to the Start button and select Shut Down. Select Restart in the drop-down menu, then hold down the Alt/Option key BEFORE clicking on OK. Continue holding down the Alt/Option key until the Mac operating system comes up.

To switch from Mac to Windows, click on the apple icon in the upper left-hand corner and select Restart from the drop-down menu. Hold down the Alt/Option key BEFORE clicking on Restart to answer the question, "Are you sure you want to restart your computer now?" Continue holding down the Alt/Option key until the Macintosh/Windows selection screen appears.


This section focuses on the technology used at Doane University. If you have not done so already, you will need to complete the New User Setup and activate your Doane Gmail account. 

Doane User ID

Your User ID is the key to most university resources, it consists of your username and password. Your username should be formatted as firstname.lastname (e.g. thomas.doane). If you have questions about your username, please contact your Enrollment Counselor/Advisor for assistance. Passwords are established through an authentication process. If you have not completed this process, you will need to visit this page to access the new User Setup Tool. 

Your Doane username and password will be required to access the following student resources:

  • Doane Gmail: Doane University uses Gmail for student email. Students are required to submit all work through Blackboard or Gmail to ensure proper verification of their identity. 

  • Blackboard: Online courses are delivered through the Blackboard System. 

  • WebAdvisor: A system used for billing and payment, schedules, grades, and transcripts, and more.

  • Doane Library Database: An online library for students to use for research and citation assistance. 

  • Computer Lab Access: Students are welcome to use on-site technology including computers and printers at our Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses. 

  • Manage Your Account: Changing or resetting your password will automatically update all accounts that require Doane credentials. 

For security reasons, you should change your password regularly. If you've forgotten your password -or would like to change it, you can reset it here

Gmail -- Activation and Use

Your account must be activated with Doane ReAct Password Management Tool before you are allowed to access your Doane Gmail account. Your Doane Gmail is your main source of contact with faculty and staff. You will also receive important updates through your Doane email like; student newsletters, weather-related closures, events and more. Be sure to check this email frequently, so you don't miss any important details. 


To access your Student WebAdvisor, you to log-in at using your Doane username and password. On WebAdvisor, you can view your bill, payment, and financial aid information. You can also access academic information, from course registration to ordering official transcripts and more. We encourage you to log into your account and become familiar with it. 


Doane University uses Blackboard for all online coursework. Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and course management system, where faculty can add resources for students to access online. We have created a collection of tutorial videos to introduce online students to Blackboard. 

Blackboard Tutorials

Tiger Tech/Technology Assistance

Tiger Tech is Doane University's free help desk and the first level of support for all of Doane University's students, faculty, and staff.

To contact Tiger Tech:


Summer Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Spring and Fall Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8am-11pm

  • Friday: 8am-5pm

  • Saturday: 12pm-5pm

  • Sunday: 2pm-11pm

Contact Information

How-To Resources

TigerTech and Connection Info

Understand a call number

A call number is simply an address so books (and other materials) can be located. Perkins Library uses Library of Congress classification to arrange books by subject. The first line of the call number is one, two, or three letters and is read alphabetically. The second line is made of numbers and is read numerically. The third line can be trickier. The letter is shelved alphabetically but the number following the letter is treated as a decimal number (e.g., .E4571 comes before .E461). If the top three lines are identical look to the fourth line. If it contains a letter followed by numbers, items are organized alphabetically by letter and then by decimal number.

Understand what is a scholarly source

Scholarly journals typically have the following characteristics: longer in-depth articles written by experts in the jargon of the discipline, with illustrations that support the text such as charts and graphs; very few advertisements and no glossy paper; and articles are reviewed and critically evaluated by a board of experts. A quick way to determine if an article is scholarly is to look for this article structure:

  • abstract

  • literature review

  • methodology

  • results

  • conclusion

  • bibliography

Using Department Printers

Printer Models by Department:

  • Service Bureau - MX-M850

  • Education - MX-M550

  • Science and Math - MX-M700

  • Advancement - MX-3500

  • Business Office - MX3500

  • Gaylord - MX-M350

  • Library - MX-M350 

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk .

What are the benefits of becoming a Noyce Scholar?

As a Noyce Scholar, you will be joining the highly-respected education department at Doane University that will prepare you for your career. You will be eligible for scholarships and stipends to support the work you do during this rigorous program. 

Noyce Scholars work within a cohort of students that will learn from each other and current professionals who work in urban and rural schools. Various speakers and events throughout the year will provide you an opportunity to build your career as a future highly-qualified STEM educator in a high-need school.

Noyce Scholars will also have a reliable support system as they prepare to work in high-need urban and rural schools. Noyce Scholars are partnered with mentors from similar high-need schools to offer support, as well as chances to attend seminars  and conferences taught by experts-sometimes full-funded.

What are the minimum computer requirements for taking online classes?

Minimum Computer Requirements:

  Desktop/Laptop Mobile Phone/Tablet
Operating System Windows: 7, 8, 10

Mac OSX: 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12
iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Chrome OS
Processor 1 GHz Processor 1 GHz Processor
Memory 4GB of RAM 2GB of RAM
Monitor 1024 x 768 Resolution n/a
Hard Drive Space 5GB of free space n/a
Home Internet Speed DSL — 12Mbps

Cable — 20Mbps
DSL — 12Mbps

Cable — 20Mbps
Internet Browser IE8, IE9, IE10, Safari 5+, or Chrome Android, Safari 6+, Chrome 35+
Java Installation required Some features not available in Mobile versions
Flash Player Installation required Some features not available in Mobile versions
Camera/Microphone For some classes these items are required. Please check with your instructor before the beginning of class! If you need to purchase these and they are not built in – we recommend 1st tier vendors like Dell, Lenovo, Apple, etc  
For Blackboard Access Go to in a supported browser Need to Download Application through the App Store or Google Play


What are the requirements for admission to the program?

Application requirements for the Initial Certification at the Advanced Level program are outlined on the application process page linked below.

Initial Certification at the Advanced Level Application Process

What can I bring to campus?

Beds, desks, chairs, study lamps, and closet/drawer space are provided in each room. You may want to bring items from home and collaborate with your roommate about what will give your room a more personal feeling. Click here for a list of recommended items to bring with you to campus.

What coursework does the cadre take together?

- EDL-675 – Foundations of Educational Leadership – 6 credit hours – Summer I

- EDL-680/681/682 – Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Field Experience/Practicum I – 3 credit hours – Fall 1

- EDL-683/684/685 – Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Field Experience/Practicum II – 3 credit hours – Spring I

- EDL-621 – Leadership Internship – 3 credit hours – Summer II

- EDL-686 – Advanced Educational Leadership I – 6 credit hours – Summer II

- EDL:-687 – Advanced Educational Leadership II – 3 credit hours – Fall II

- EDL-695 – Research/Project Implementation – 3 credit hours – Spring II

What coursework does the candidate take separately or as “Stand-Alone” courses?

- EDL-676 – Assessment of Student Learning for Educational Leaders – 3 credit hours – offered in Spring II – students may substitute EDU-602 Assessment of Learning for this course. EDU-602 is offered at various locations each semester

- EDU-600 Improvement of Instruction – 3 credit hours – offered at various locations each semester

- EDU-601 – Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction – 3 credit hours – offered at various locations each semester

What degree and endorsement will the Educational Leadership graduate earn?

Completion of the program results in an Education Specialist Degree from Doane University. Graduates are eligible to apply to the State of Nebraska for an administrative endorsement as a superintendent.

What do I do if I don't have my own computer?

Laptops can be checked out from the library during normal hours. There are also computer labs located in Perkins Library, Communications, and Chab Weyers Education & Hixson Lied Art buildings.

What do I need to complete before I can register for classes?

You must complete an application for graduate study before you can register for any graduate education courses. 

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction Application Process

What endorsements does Doane offer for certified teachers to add to their certificate?

Doane offers endorsements in Early Childhood, ESL, Mild, Moderate Special Education, and Reading Specialist. The coursework required for the endorsement can also be used to meet elective requirements for the Curriculum and Instruction degree program.

What happens if I forget to register?

Students who do not schedule their courses during the registration period, will be contacted by a member of the retention committee.