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Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

Belief Statement for the Education Unit

Becoming a teacher and leader is emergent based upon the integration of theory and practice to develop knowledge, skill, and dispositions. 

We believe programs of quality: 

  • Promote learner-centered experiences and collaborative planning among the college teacher-educators, liberal arts faculty, K-12 practitioners and pre-service programs

  • Promote inquiry and reflectivity, and develop leadership to improve professional practice.

  • Provide a learning environment encouraging teachers to inquire into the context of learning and practice, act on beliefs, critique their own learning and teaching, and accept their research as an authentic and important means of improving practice. 

  • Facilitate curriculum and instruction honoring diversity in gender, ethnicity, culture, language, social class, and exceptionalities. 

  • Promote modeling as an essential aspect of effective teacher education. Faculty in teacher education will model excellent teaching as defined by current research, applied practice, and professional experience. 

  • Require engaging faculty in teaching authentic settings and utilize research for the direct purpose of enhancing educational practices. 

  • Offer opportunities for students to examine the moral purposes of education and put into practice a 0philosophy of learning and teaching that is inclusive, and based on a personal ethical platform. 

  • See change and innovation as an essential element in learning, teaching and leadership, and promote practices which value students, teachers and administrators as change agents in educational settings. 

  • Prepare teachers to work in, and contribute to society utilizing community resources and interacting with its constituency. 

  • Prepare teachers to advocate for students valuing self-determination and fairness, and believing in the right for all students to succeed. 

  • Promote the practice of leadership by providing opportunities for accepting different roles, becoming a leader in the school, community, and in engaging self-development. 

Benefits & When They Begin

Within your first three days of employment, your supervisor will inform you when and where you will meet with a member of the Human Resources team to go over your benefits package. 

You can check out an overview of Doane's employee benefits and benefit eligibility beforehand by visiting the Benefits page

If you are eligible for insurance benefits, the benefit will begin on the first of the month, following your first day of employment. Or, on the first day of the month, if you start work on the first. 

Benefits & When They Begin

Employee Benefits and Eligibility

For faculty contracts starting in August, your insurance benefits will begin on September 1st, with your first premium deducted from your August paycheck. 

For faculty contacts starting outside of August, your insurance benefits will begin on the 1st of the month, following your first contracted day of employment or on the first day of the month, if your contracted start of employment is on the first.

Visit the New Hire Checklist for more information on benefits enrollment.


Summer Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-2pm

School Year Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

Store Number: 402-826-8688

Your one stop place for school and office supplies, school spirit merchandise and gifts! You can chosse your books in a number of affordable and competitve options, from New, Used, Digital, or Rented with a price-match guarantee. You can use your Financial Aid vouchers awarded by the Financial Aid Office, this will be emailed to you by late July. 

In-Store and Online Bookstore

Break Rooms & Tiger Bucks

If you would like to bring your meal or snack from home, there are break areas provided for employees, typically including a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and table space. Ask your supervisor for details about the break room closest to you. 

If you work on the Crete campus, you can join in the student dining experience (during the academic year) visit the dining hall, or click here to sign up for the Tiger Bucks Program. This program provides 10% off OBC Grill and Lakeside Coffeehouse and in the dining hall, allows you to buy nine meals at a discount, and receive your tenth meal for free. 

There are snack and beverage vending machines available in some areas; check with your supervisor for the nearest location. There are also dining options available in the communities of each of our campus locations if you would like to leave campus for your meal break. 

Campus Life

Welcome Incoming Students!

Campus Life invites you to check out all the exciting ways to get involved on campus at Doane! Below we have a special video for you, telling you all about Tiger Life, and some resources to get involved.

  • Interested in checking out all our awesome student organizations?
    Check out huge list of student organizations here.

  • Be sure to fill out the involvement interest form to indicate what you are interested in so we can indicate your interests to those student organizations and leadership opportunities.

  • Don't see anything that you are interested in but want to start your own organization? Let us know and we can help make that happen!

Can a family's income be too high to be eligible for financial aid?

No. There is no automatic income cutoff. As stated previously, a number of factors are taken into account in determining financial need.

Can I access internet while on campus?

Wireless internet access is available campus wide.

Can I bring fewer than three students?

Yes.  If your school sends only one or two students, they will be added to a team on the day of the event.

Can I bring more than three students or additional sponsors?

Unfortunately, no.  Last year, the workshop filled very quickly (within hours of registration opening).  In order to include as many schools as possible, we have to limit participation to three students and one sponsor per school.

Can I complete all work for the Curriculum & Instruction degree online?

Yes, students are able to complete 100% of their coursework as online courses.

Can I designate my gift?

Some faculty and staff may choose to give their gift to a specific fund or area of giving such as the Doane Scholarship Fund, other need based scholarships, academic programs, athletics, fine arts or to support the Perkins Library.

Can I eat on campus?
  • You are welcome to eat in the cafeteria, at Tiger Inn, or go through the Grab-N-Go station located within the cafeteria.

  • Either pay as you go, or purchase a meal plan through the business office.

  • If you want to bring your own food, refrigerators and microwaves are available in the Student Leadership Office with additional microwaves for your use in the cafeteria.

Can I give my gift to more than one area?

Yes!  You can designate your gift to as many areas as you would like.

Can I just drop off my paper for editing or proofreading and pick it up later?

No.  The Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service.   Rather, we will help you edit or proofread your own work, pointing out errors and patterns of error as we go and working with you to correct them.  Why?  Eventually, we want you to be able to do it without us.  

Can I just walk in and get help?

We welcome walk-ins but give priority to students with appointments.  So we encourage you to call ahead or visit and confirm a time.

Can I reserve my current room and live in it again next year? Do I get special preference for squatting in my current room?

You're welcome to reserve your room again for next year.  Unfortunately, you do not receive special preference in the selection process for staying in the same room year to year.

Can I take summer school?

Yes! The Crete campus offers on-line summer courses.  Summer courses are also available at the Doane University - Grand Island, Lincoln or Omaha campuses. The summer schedule is available on webadvisor.

Can I take summer school at another institution?

Summer courses taken elsewhere need to be approved by the Registrar's Office BEFORE students enroll in those courses. The approval form is available from the Registrar's Office.

Can I transfer any previous graduate credit to the Educational Leadership program?

A student can transfer a maximum of 6 credit hours subject to review by the dean as to recency and relevancy. Any transfer credit must have been eared from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning. Courses must relate to educational issues in the areas of instructional improvement, critical issues, and assessment as any accepted transfer courses will substitute for EDU-600, EDU-601 or EDU-602.