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Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

Do I need to clean my recycled material?

Yes.  Keep in mind that we are processing recyclables and not food.  Food containers do not need to be spotless but the less food on the material the better.

How does the recycled material get separated after recyclables are taken to the warehouse?

By hand.  As equipment becomes more sophisticated this will be done more and more by machine.

How often are the outside recycling bins emptied?

All outside bins are normally emptied once a week on Fridays.

Should I put my recycled material in a trash sack before I dump it into the outside bin?

No.  All the recycling material must be hand sorted back at the warehouse.  All plastic bags must be removed before the material can be sorted.   Second, the driver for The Garbage Company needs to assess the recycled material inside the bin.  If there is actual trash in the bin, the whole bin will be thrown away.  Not only will he not have the time to sort it, he is not allowed to sort it.  The onus of correctly sorting trash from recyclable material is on you. 

What happens when the outside recycle bin is full?

Once the outside recycling bin is full you have two options.  First, hold on to your recycling until Friday afternoon when the outside bins are typically dumped.  Second, you can place your recyclable materials into the trash.  If you do this they will not be recycled.  To avoid this problem, encourage others to crush and compact all their recyclables.  There is more than enough space in the outside bins to handle most of our recycling needs if we compact our recycling.

What happens when the trash bin next to a recycle bin is full?

Despite the need for recycling on campus, the outside recycling bins serve as backups to the main trash bins.  As bugs are worked out of our system we will try to add extra recycle bins as needed.  Trash bin space can be conserved if you encourage others to compact their trash before it is thrown away.

When will the academic / administrative buildings start recycling?

These buildings will begin recycle once the proper custodial carts arrive.  They have been ordered and should arrive in 10 days.

Where can I recycle my glass?

At the moment there is nowhere in Crete to recycle glass.  It is possible that an opportunity could be worked out with our recycling provider.  If you are interested in heading up that effort talk to Brad Elder.

Why are we dumping all the recycled material into one bin? I thought we were suppose to separate everything into different bins?

In the past that was true.  With single stream you do not need to separate.  This is the trend in the industry and it means that intuition like Doane only need one bin in a room to handle all the recycling. 

Why was the recycling dumped into the garbage truck?

The recycling truck is the same vehicle as the garbage truck.  If there is trash in the recycling bin the garbage truck will haul all of the recycling into the trash.  This can be because of carless people dumping trash into the wrong bin or the trash bin is full and the overflow is going into the recycling bin.