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Acceptable Use Policy


Can I use distribution groups in Gmail?

Yes. All of Doane's email data has been converted to Gmail.

Connect to Campus Wireless

Wireless Network Access

Below is a map of wireless coverage on Doane University Campus.  See the key for coverage information.


If your are registered on campus, the network name or SSID you will connect to is DOANE

If you are NOT registered on campus, the network name or SSID you will connect to is Registration (once connected to this network you will need to step through the registration process and then DOANE will be available)

Note: there is not complete coverage in any building at this time and we do not support wireless in any dorm rooms at this time.   


Coverage in lounge areas

Coverage in Common areas

Coverage in classrooms and common areas


Connecting Wired to the Doane University ResNet

Connecting Wired to ResNet

Each Student is provided with a 100Mbps link to their room via network port. Ports are marked with arrows passing each other. Make sure you do not plug into the phone port. It is on the same wall mount so don't get confused.

There is one port per student. However in some rooms there are only two ports to service 3 people or one port may not work. If this is the case you can check out a 5-port switch from the business office. This switch needs to be turned in at the end of the year, and if not returned your account will be charged $40.

Copyright Law and Fair Use
Copyright Law and Fair Use

Students, Faculty and staff have an obligation to practice high copyright standards and comply with policies and laws.   

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) passed by Congress in 1998, makes it illegal to copy or share intellectual property--music, videos, games, software and other materials--without permissions.  Doane University adheres to the regulations and guidelines outline by the DMCA. 

Fair Use

Fair Use comprises Section 107 of the Copyright Act and was set up in recognition that free exchange of information is beneficial. Four standards are applied: the purpose and character of the use; the nature of the copyrighted work; the amount and substantiality of the portion used; and the effect of the use on the publisher's potential market.  

However, the vast majority of online music and video sharing is done in ways that do not constitute fair use. The good news is that there are legal sources.

Legal online sources for copyrighted materials  

There are many legal sources for copyrighted material such as music and movies; some are even free.

Fair Use Checklist  

The Motion Picture Association of America

EDUCAUSE - Legal Downloading Resource

Perkins Library 

Doane Faculty Copyright Resources

To learn more about federal copyright laws, you can visit the United States Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. 


How do I send to groups that I could send to before, but now can't?

Please contact the Helpdesk (www.doane.edu/helpdesk) or (x8411) or athelpdesk@doane.edu. Give them your name and what groups you need to send to, and they will grant you permissions to these groups in Gmail.

Managing Your Password

Forgot your password? Need to change your password? Activate your Doane Gmail account, and manage your Doane University password here.


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