Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

Are participants required to stay for lunch?

Lunch is part of the workshop.  It will be followed by the keynote address and the awards.  All activities will end by 1:00.

Can I bring fewer than three students?

Yes.  If your school sends only one or two students, they will be added to a team on the day of the event.

Can I bring more than three students or additional sponsors?

Unfortunately, no.  Last year, the workshop filled very quickly (within hours of registration opening).  In order to include as many schools as possible, we have to limit participation to three students and one sponsor per school.

Do students need a sponsor?

Students may attend without a sponsor. A teacher or other sponsor is welcome to attend and may be interested in our teacher workshop.

How do students work in teams?

Each school's team of three students collectively will attend nine workshops - each student will attend three unique workshops - that will give information necessary for solving a murder mystery.  Students whose schools bring fewer than three representatives will be placed onto teams with other such students.  School sponsors will be responsible for assigning their three students to the nine workshops.  Workshop assignments may be at the discretion of the hosts for students on multi-school combined teams.

What is CSI: Doane?

This is an interactive workshop for high-school students who have completed one year of life science. Participants will rotate through several areas, learning about the biology and chemistry behind techniques used in forensic science, such as DNA fingerprinting, autopsy analysis, and how studying insects can provide information about a crime.   The program includes lunch, keynote address, and awards.  This year, CSI: Doane will be held on April 1.  Check-in runs from 8:00 to 8:30, and the event ends at 1:00.

What should I do if I want to come?

All teams/individuals must register online and receive a registration confirmation in order to attend.  You will need the names, contact information, and lunch and shirt size preferences of the students and sponsor.  View the sample application and fill it out ahead of time to speed up the online application process.

What should the students wear?

Students should be dressed casually.  There are some workshops that may be messy (e.g., fingerprinting, blood spatter, or blood detection). 


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