What makes the Doane Education Specialist Program unique?

- A Cadre Environment – a cohort group of students will take the learning journey together. This support group builds relationships that will last a lifetime.

- Nebraska Educational Leaders – successful Nebraska school leaders are invited to share with the cadre their unique approaches to leadership, student success, and expertise.

- Instructor Site Visits – each year, a Doane instructor will meet with each student in the student’s school site.

- Development of a Professional Portfolio – a useful tool used to highlight the learning, skills, and ability of each emerging leader.

- Practicum/Field Experiences – each student will gain practical experiences connected to classroom learning and the school site. Each plan is individually designed to meet the learning needs and styles of the students and is focused upon gaining leadership experience. A district-wide school improvement project – this project will be completed during year two and three and is patterned after the NCA/AdvancED Process.

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