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What is plagiarism in the United States?

Plagiarism is a very important topic for international students. In the U.S., students are expected not to work together on assignments unless the professor specifically allows them to work in groups. A student is expected to work alone on exams, homework, and papers. A student who copies answers from another student, or allows another student to write an assignment or exam for him/her is guilty of cheating. In the U.S., it is necessary to cite, or give credit to, (cite) all sources of information in your written work. If a student gets some information from the internet or a book, he or she must list details of that source in his/her paper. If any phrases or sentences are used directly from the course, then there must be quotation marks around those words, and the source must be stated. If a student uses other sources of information and does not identify the source, then it is called plagiarism. A student may get a failing grade on an assignment or a failing grade in a course if caught cheating or plagiarizing someone else’s work.