What holiday decorations are allowed in the rooms?

Enjoy the holiday season, but remember to be safe as well. Due to concerns in regards to Fire Safety the following items are prohibited in Residence Halls.

  1. Live trees

  2. Extension cords

  3. Holiday lights that are not UL approved

  4. Candles

Safety Tips:

  1. Turn off all holiday lights when you are leaving your room or are going to sleep.

  2. Don't utilize lights that interfere with a door opening or shutting.

  3. If you are baking, use a timer so you don't forget something in the oven.

  4. Decorations and trees must not cover fire extinguishers, exit signs, exit doors, etc., or negate the purpose of these devices. Be sure all corridors and exits are clear and available for routine use.

  5. Take decorations down after the holidays and dispose of them properly or store them in a safe place.

Additional questions may be answered by accessing the Student Handbook and referring to the residence life section, or by contacting the Residence Life Office atdoanehousing@doane.edu.

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