Scan/fax documents in the library

There are two ways to fax a document in the library. There is a traditional fax machine in the library workroom that the staff will be happy to send faxes through for a charge of $.50/minute for the Doane community and $1.00/minute for the larger community. Just bring your document to the circulation at the library entrance and we'll send it for you. Payment is required after the fax has been sent.

The other option is to send an electronic document in PDF to an email address from the printer/copiers. You can scan the document and send it to yourself, another recipient, or more than one person. To do this press the IMAGE SEND button to the right of the display panel. On the display panel select Address entry and enter the first email address. Press To: or Cc: to select the appropriate address type. To add other recipients select Next address and Address entry to repeat the process. When you have all of the recipients entered, press the Copy button (large blue button on lower right of panel); scanning will begin. NOTE: If you have more than one page to send DO NOT press Read-End until you have all of the pages scanned. Once this has been pressed the document will be sent.

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