How will my professor know I visited the Writing Center?

When you arrive for your appointment, you and your consultant will open a new session record form, logging your name, the details of the session (i.e. date and time, new or returning visitor, etc.), the details of the assignment (i.e. the class, the professor, etc.), and your objectives for the session.  Then, toward the end of your session, you and your consultant will complete the form, making note of several things: paper strengths and weaknesses, issues covered or discussed during the session, plans or suggestions for improvement, etc.  Two copies will be printed and signed by you and your consultant.  We will keep one copy in the Writing Center, and you will get the other to give to your professor, if you choose. 

With that said, you should visit the Writing Center because YOU want to improve as a writer, not because your professor told you to.  Why?  Good writing isn't an accident.  It requires hard work and time, and if you aren't willing to commit both, the consultants in the Writing Center (no matter how caring and well-intentioned we may be) can do only so much to help you.

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