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General Questions

Why is Doane University creating a 3-year program? 

Doane recognizes that more students are taking college-level courses in high school. We help students identify programs that take advantage of their college planning by outlining a way for them to get into their careers early.

Why graduate in 3 years rather than the traditional 4?

This choice is for each student to ask themselves. There is an advantage of beginning a career or graduate school earlier than a traditional 4-year plan. For Doane University, this program is evidence of our interest in continuing to meet the needs of students while also delivering a high-quality educational experience.

What is the most significant difference between the three and 4-year programs?

The volume of coursework per semester, as well as summer work required to fulfill the expectations of the program. Current programs require 17-18 credits.

How does the 3-year guarantee work?

Doane University faculty has created academic program plans outlining a course schedule plan for students to graduate in 3 years upon full-time enrollment on our Crete campus. Students must apply to the program before registration, and once accepted, must agree to stay true to their plan. Doane University commits to ensuring the scheduling components of the project are available to the student. If a student meets all expectations of the 3-year program and is unable to graduate as a result of a college mistake, the college will waive tuition for the remaining courses required to graduate.

How can Doane offer this guarantee? 

Instead of modifying our programs or graduation requirements, Doane University put considerable thought into how students can meet graduation needs at a faster pace than the traditional four years. 

Can a student-athlete participate in the program? 

A student-athlete may participate in the program. However, challenges arise when courses intersect with practice and performance times. If a class is required, which falls during activity time, the student must be enrolled to keep the contract valid. 

What happens if a student changes their mind on the academic program once enrolled?

If a student changes their mind on an academic program, and this modifies their program plan and schedule, the guarantee becomes null and void. However, depending on the program transitioned to, the student may still graduate in 3 years or close to it. 

Are there additional costs associated with this program? 

Students who enroll for more than 188 credits may be required to pay an overload fee, students with a college GPA of 3.25 or better are exempt from this fee for up to 20 credits. 

Please Note: Summer coursework is not part of annual tuition, and financial aid cannot be used to pay for it.