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Earning Doane Credit

Studying abroad will satisfy the Experiential Learning component of the Core Curriculum, a requirement of your degree from Doane. If you believe that any of the classes you are taking while abroad will satisfy other class requirements related to your major or minor, contact both your academic advisor and the Registrar before your trip.

Grades for non-language majors post as pass/fail on your transcript. This scale gives you the best opportunity to learn while also exploring a new country. However, this would mean any D you receive abroad, would be posted as an F.
If you have over 60-hours in credit hours, surpassing sophomore standing, you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 travel scholarship provided by Doane University.

If you are a language major: 

If you are in the Honors Program:

If your classes change while you are studying abroad, the Registrar must be notified via email at