Important COVID-19 Information

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CETL Teaching Resources

The following list of online resources may help with the transition to online instruction. This list may be updated by the CETL with additional resources in the coming days/weeks.  


You can choose to host class synchronously using Zoom by logging into and creating a meeting on a specific time and date. You ask your students to attend virtually, screen- share any presentation and record the class to share at a later date. Alternatively, you could use Zoom as an asynchronous platform, recording your lecture (and screen sharing any information) to be sent out later to students. 

Zoom Meeting Demo


This free asynchronous resource allows instructors to pose questions to their students and collect video responses. Students are able to respond to a prompt and/or continue the conversation by responding to other students’ posts. You can choose the response limit time (up to a 5-minute max). 

Some features include (directly from website):

  • Add a school logo
  • Embed on school website
  • Laser pointer lets you point out key items on slide -
  • Edit Google slides directly in App
  • Set visibility/expiration dates for your videos

Google Hangout

An alternative to Zoom, Google Hangout allows up to 25 people to join a video call. The video call can be recorded. 


The free version of this online program allows instructors to record, edit and share screen capture videos that allow for audio or video narration. Instructors may choose to record up to 15-minute videos to share course content, short tutorials, and assignments, for example. Once videos are recorded, they can be uploaded to YouTube or downloaded to a local computer of Google Drive. 

Screencast-O-Matic Demo