Can I refer a student to the Writing Center?

Yes.  Student referral forms are available in hard copy form in the Writing Center or in electronic form via e-mail.  Contact Phil Weitl at for a copy.   

It isn't necessarily prudent to require all of your students to visit the Writing Center before every writing assignment is due.  Why?  A Writing Center visit will likely be ineffective if a student is forced to go.  He or she will neither take an active role during the session nor implement afterward what was discussed or suggested. 

Also, we must remember that one visit to the Writing Center will not transform a student from a struggling writer into a polished writer.  Often the issues requiring attention are too numerous and too embedded to resolve in one or even several fifty-minute sessions in the Writing Center.  So, we would like to meet with students steadily and regularly over the course of their time at Doane.  This way, the Writing Center can work as it should, as a supplement to your work in the classroom.  And we can work with you to help them address issues systematically over time, making it more likely that changes and improvements to their writing will be lasting.

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