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Trustee spotlight

Lois Chab Weyers '67


Like so many, Lois Chab Weyers ’67 came to Doane for a small-campus community in a beautiful setting. What she came away with was a life-changing experience and a newfound confidence, setting her on a trajectory for a successful career in education. Hailing from neighboring Wilber, Weyers used her elementary education major and minors in English and music to impact the lives of thousands of students across the country. Weyers was elected to the Doane Board of Trustees in 2004 and has had a large role in moving Doane forward.

What have been the most gratifying things about being a Doane board member?


The most gratifying thing about being on the board is coming back to campus. It gives me a good feeling to think that maybe in some small way I have helped young adults become viable members of the community and maybe lifelong learners that will make important contributions to the world. The students I meet always impress me. They seem to display poise and are able to express themselves eloquently. They also seem so excited about the many things in which they are involved.


I also feel good about the many programs offered on the campuses of Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island. This gives adults of all ages an opportunity to further their education or perhaps help them change their career path. Adult education and the online classes offered fill a need for more people to help achieve their dreams.


It was gratifying and insightful to be on the board as we navigated through tremendous change. Doane is always changing, but the pace of change at Doane intensified during the past ten years involving infrastructure, curriculum, expansion, international reach and our name change from college to university.


What do you see in Doane’s future?


I feel that the future for Doane is very bright. The high caliber of students that Doane attracts will continue the legacy. The accomplished faculty we have here will continue to mold the students. The staff and administration has provided the framework for the faculty and students to work and grow. Our president continues to have ideas to inspire all and he is willing and able to make the hard decisions necessary for the good of the system.


With all the changes that Doane has seen in the past few years, what excites or concerns you most?


In the future, the prospect of the Crete campus possibly growing to 2,000 students and more would be very exciting. Of course there would be many changes necessary to make that happen, but with that number of students, the possibilities available to the students would be tremendous.


What has been your proudest moment as an alumna?


I am proud of the many successful people the students of Doane have become. I believe they have and will make the world a better place.