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From the President

As I write this, I’m thinking of the next frontier for Doane.

Dr. Jacque Carter

Our “College on a Hill” was born on the frontier, a pioneer liberal arts college in pioneer times.


When the founders of our college chose a mission and set of values, they had the foresight to pick a vision that would stand the test of time—and keep us on the leading edge of higher education for the last 143 years. These are the pillars that have put us above the rest.


Prioritizing small class sizes so interactions with faculty remain abundant. Making a college education accessible for first-generation college students while still delivering an incredible education at an exceptional value relative to cost and outcomes. Creating a community that invites students to fit in so they can stand out after graduation. Arming our alumni with the skills to separate themselves in their careers, continued education or whatever challenges may come their way.


Those things Doane doesn’t compromise. It’s why we’re different.


But while the things we hold dear at Doane don’t change, the times do. There are new frontiers in higher education, and we have to forge forward to compete in a changing landscape. We adjust so we can achieve what our first president David Brainerd Perry asked of us all those years ago: “to bring latent talents to light and obscure genius to distinction” for each student.


But how do we do that when the tools to reach students in higher education are no longer chalk and a blackboard or a series of lectures?


How do we do that when we live in a world that requires research and global connections to solve real problems?


How do we do that when our accomplished students need even newer heights to reach and the education to get them there?


Read through this issue of Doane Magazine and see how what we’re accomplishing now can take us into new territory. Thanks to the tremendous work of our faculty and staff at our four campuses, we have a team that preserves what makes Doane special and unique for students past and present. But we’re ready to do more.


We talk so much about history because where we’ve been informs so many of our decisions and reveals why we’re prepared for the next big thing.


The future is bright and the horizon is near. Different times are ahead—they always are—and we stand ready, pioneers still. That’s just who we are.


Dr. Jacque Carter

Doane College President