Consistent with the faculty supporting faculty philosophy of CETL, the Tri-Guide program intentionally connects faculty new to Doane and/or teaching with two  veteran faculty members at Doane.  Ideally, one of the faculty members is in the new faculty member’s field (or closely related field), one is outside the field, and at least one is tenured.

While the two faculty members serve as mentors and guides for the new faculty, it is the intent of this program that the new faculty members also serves as a mentor and guide to the veteran faculty members offering new ideas and pedagogies for them to consider.

Offered to all involved faculty is a structured, yet informal program providing numerous opportunities over the first two and a half years of a new faculty member’s time at Doane to interact and share thoughts and ideas related to teaching and anything Doane.

CETL will contact all new faculty members early in their first semester, typically during a faculty week lunch.  The Tri-Guide Program will be overviewed and an invitation extended to each new faculty member.   Those accepting the invitation may suggest specific topics to discuss with their mentors, which may be general in nature or related directly to their fields of study. CETL will then identify the potential mentors, make initial contact, describe the program, and secure their commitment. 

An organized, yet informal monthly lunch for all participating faculty will be offered throughout the semester. These lunch sessions shall include both (1) unstructured time for the new faculty member and two faculty members to interact, and (2) structured time where all groups can discuss topics of common interest and/or people of interest can interact with the group (such as the Academic Dean,  directors of CETL, directors of the ASC, etc.).

In addition, each veteran faculty member will individually and informally (i.e. over coffee, at lunch, via phone or email or text, etc.) interact with the new faculty member each semester.

The interactions will occur throughout the first two and a half years, taking the new faculty member up to the third-year review.  At that time, while the participation in the program is officially complete, it is hoped that the relationships established continue.


Year 1:

  • Attend  3 lunches each semester
  • Interact outside of lunches at least three times each semester


Year 2:

  • Attend  2 lunches each semester
  • Interact outside of lunches at least two times each semester


Year 3:

  • Attend  1 lunch in the fall
  • Interact outside of lunches at least once in the fall


CETL's mission is to serve as a catalyst for individual and institutional growth and development in pursuit of transformative learning.

Doane University Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning