Defining Learning Communities: Models used at Doane

Defining Learning Communities: Models used at Doane

The Doane Learning Community consists of four models, we refer to as links, providing students the opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary learning.

Thematic course - A single course is built around an interdisciplinary theme.  The course is taught by a team of faculty from multiple disciplines.

Full co-enrollment - Two or more courses will have all the same students enrolled.  This allows the instructors of the linked courses to work together and develop projects, assignments and experiences that connect the courses.

Partial co-enrollment - A small cadre of students will be enrolled, among other students, in the linked courses.  One course will consist of only the students in the cadre.  Projects, assignments, and experiences in this course will be used to connect the other linked courses.

Shared assignments - Students from the linked courses will work together on one or more projects or assignments.


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