Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively

The full habit of an intellectual life learning outcome as stated in the catalog:

 Communicate effectively
practice effective oral communication in order to increase knowledge,  foster understanding, and/or promote change in the listener’s attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors
practice effective reading in order to extract and construct meaning through interaction and involvement with written language
practice effective writing that is context appropriate in order to develop and express ideas to convey meaning to an intended audience
Effective oral communication From workshops/shareshops               

Barnga card game shared by JL Vertin at 10/28/2010 Shareshop (Description/Scoresheet/Powerpoint)

Materials from the 9/23/2010 Interactive-Didactic Strategies shareshop including:

Materials from the 4/8/2010  Helping Students Develop through Critical Dialogue shareshop including:     

Effective reading From workshops/shareshops           

Materials from the 2/25/2010 Helping Students Develop as Readers shareshop

Effective writing                                                      

Doane resource

Doane Writing Center

Web resources

Writing resources (from the Doane Writing Center)

From workshops/shareshops

Dr. Dave Smit, Kansas State University, presentation slides from 8/23/11 faculty workshop at Doane

Materials from the 11/5/2009 Helping Students Develop as Writers shareshop     


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