Common Interest Communities

Common Interest Communities (CIC) are formed when a group of individuals (faculty, staff, and/or students) have an intellectual interest that they would like to pursue with others who have the same interest.  

The interests can vary widely.  Examples might include a book-reading CIC (basically a book club), a film-viewing CIC (basically a movie club), an issue-based CIC (such as teacher unions), a topic-based CIC (such as online courses) and a course-based CIC (such as what we currently have involving LAR101 faculty).  

All aspects of a CIC are decided by the members of the CIC.  This includes deciding the purpose of the CIC and when, where, and how often the CIC gathers; a leadership structure (if any); and how long the CIC will be in existence (which can vary from a single gathering, to gatherings over a limited time such as a semester or academic year, to ongoing gatherings).

CETL's role is to facilitate the creation of CICs.  Once a CIC is created and active, CETL is no longer involved unless something is specifically requested by the CIC.

If you are interested in creating a Common Interest Community, please contact Dr. Kate Marley to discuss the possibilities!

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