Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Fire Safety Equipment (alarms, extinguishers, fire doors, sprinklers, heat sensors, and smoke detectors) is present for the protection of all community members.  Know the location of all equipment.

  • False fire alarms and tampering with fire safety equipment will result in a minimum $100 charge.  Accidental alarms will receive the same sanctions.
  • Any person found responsible for turning in a false alarm or tampering with fire safety equipment will be subject to college disciplinary action and/or civil action. This includes tampering with any smoke detectors, which also is subject to a $100 sanction.
  • Help keep buildings safe by keeping fire doors closed, keeping hallways clear and promptly reporting equipment that has been tampered with. The fire and safety procedures posted in any location must stay intact and should be referred to often.

If you smell smoke, feel your door.  If it is hot:

  1. Keep it closed.
  2. Place towels around the cracks.
  3. Put a towel out the window to signal for help and yell.  DO NOT JUMP unless ordered to do so!


To Evacuate:

  1. Leave by the closest exit.
  2. If there is smoke, stay low to the ground.

Failure to evacuate will result in serious disciplinary sanctions.  This is also a violation of state law. 

Once Outside:

  1. Stay away from the building, driveways, parking lots, and emergency vehicles.
  2. Stay calm and avoid horseplay.
  3. Do not reenter the building until the person in charge gives the all-clear signal.
  4. Follow instructions of city officials. 

All fire alarms must be taken seriously.  You may be saving your life or the life of someone else.  Failure to leave the building during a fire alarm will result in disciplinary action and/or a fine.

Gas Leak

In the event of a major gas leak:

  • Do not use a phone in the area of the suspected leak.
  • Do not pull a fire alarm.
  • Do not touch any light switch or other appliance.
  • Leave windows and doors as they are.

Health & Other Emergencies:

  • Remain calm and act quickly.
  • Call 9-911 and give an accurate description of the problem and directions to the location of the problem.


In the event of a "tornado watch" (weather conditions that lead to tornadoes), be prepared to take appropriate actions if a tornado is sighted.  Tornado warning sirens will go off if a tornado is sighted.

When the tornado siren sounds:

  • Open the windows.
  • Pick up a blanket for covering.
  • Check for a tornado action plan in your building and follow its directions.
    • If a tornado action plan is not immediately available, move to the lowest level of the building, preferably the southwest corner.
  • Stay clear of windows and doors.