Documents produced by the task force

Undergraduate Curriculum at Doane

This working document, and corresponding briefing slides, is the latest of several revisions of a curriculum that provides a framework to achieve the essential learning outcomes and attain the mission of the college. (8/1/2011)

Working Statement on General Education

This working document is the latest of several revisions of a statement on general education developed by the task force and includes a philosophy of general education, and student learning outcomes aligned with the new mission statement. (1/25/2011)

Notes on working statement

This document contains notes produced by the task force to provide further explanation to the wording used in the statement on general education. (2/23/2011)

Comparison of working statement with existing Doane Plan

This document provides four tables that compare, side by side, (1) the new and existing mission statement, (2) the new (draft) and existing philosophy of general education, (3) the new (draft) and existing general education student learning outcomes, and (4) the future and existing general education structure. (8/1/2011)



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