No-Yes: Katie Koestner's Personal Story

Start Date: 
February 21, 2017 7:30 PM
End Date: 
February 21, 2017 9:00 PM

Haddix Center


Katie Koestner was on the cover of TIME Magazine as the first woman in history to publicly speak out about being a victim of date rape. She has shared her personal story with over 5 million students. She addresses sexual assault, respect, consent, healthy decision-making, and alcohol, while inspiring students to become active bystanders in your community.


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To both educate and inspire at the same time can be a challenge, but this is exactly what Katie accomplishes with her program.  Katie shares her story as she weaves in key issues on sexual assault to meet the guidelines of VAWA and Title IX, and comply with federal mandates.  As she tells her own story, she artfully weaves in these key topics:

  1. The role of alcohol and drugs as the impact the ability to give legal consent.
  2. The prevalence of sexual assault among women and men in the college environment.
  3. Ways that students can reduce their own risk for sexual assault.
  4. Ways that students can be proactive bystanders in their community and intervene in potentially risky situations.
  5. Characteristics of abusive relationships.
  6. Characteristics of healthy relationships.
  7. How to communicate limits and boundaries.
  8. How to get out of a risky situation.
  9. What steps to take if you or a friend has been victimized.
  10. How to report sexual assault. 
  11. How to obtain medical attention and psychological support.
  12. Ways that each member of a community, regardless of gender, race, religion, or any other “difference” can make a difference in creating a positive, respectful community.


Listening to Katie's story is engaging; watching her audience listen is enthralling.  Students slouched in their seats when she starts not only sit up straight within the first few minutes, but actually are leaning in toward her by the time she is providing additional stories from students across the county.  Katie shares a message of courage through her personal story that goes well beyond the hour after her program.  Her audiences remember her words, her strength and her conviction.  They incorporate her examples into their next steps in life. 


This is the program that has been requested Brown, Dartmouth, MIT, Amherst, Williams, Kenyon, West Point, the US Naval Academy, and many of our most competitive colleges for their incoming students.  Independent schools such as Phillips Andover Academy, St. Johns, and Lawrenceville host Katie frequently.  Her program provides students with just the right blend of facts, statistics, realism, and thought-provoking challenges around relationships, respect, alcohol, and decision-making.  Her audience warms to her engaging speaking style as she lays the groundwork for proactive, long-term attitude and behavior change. 

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