Enrollment Days

The goal of Enrollment Days is to have students leave with a copy of their fall course schedule and a better sense of what college life will be like. What to Expect
  • Sign up for classes.
  • Learn about financial aid and payment options.
  • Technology on campus.
  • Campus Life
    • Living on campus.
    • Going to classes.
    • Social life of a college student.
  • Health and Wellness Office
    • Turn in required health forms.
  • Eat lunch in the cafeteria.
  • See the Residence Halls.
Enrollment Day Guidebook

If you intend to work on campus at any time during your time at Doane University, you are required to complete an I-9 form that requires identification.  Please bring these documents with you. Copies are not acceptable.  

2018 Enrollment Days

A Summer Enrollment Day is designed to prepare students to begin their college career at Doane. Please choose one of the following dates to attend:
  • Monday, June 11 - Full
  • Tuesday, June 12 - Full
  • Thursday, June 21
  • Friday, June 22 - Full
  • Monday, July 30
Choose an Enrollment Day
***A student must pay their enrollment deposit in order to be eligible to attend an enrollment day event. Enrollment Day event attendance is required with a maximum of 60 students per event.  

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