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Enrollment Days

Enrollment Days

This year’s Enrollment Days will offer both virtual and in person days experiences for students to accommodate the needs of all involved.  This decision was made after careful consideration from university staff, public health officials, and the CDC to protect the health and safety of the Doane community.

The development of virtual and in person materials is still undergoing but we are focused on creating a positive and similar experience for all students.  There will be a 60 student cap on each in person Enrollment Day so we encourage students to sign up as soon as possible to get the format they desire.  There will be guidelines set in place for the in person Enrollment Day experience to protect all of those involved.  The registration for your Enrollment Day will be sent through your Doane email.

These are unprecedented times, but we are still Tigers together, no matter the situation. We look forward to connecting with you during the summer, and can’t wait to welcome you to the Doane Community.

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Attendance Requirement

  • Enrollment Day event attendance is required for all students and students only need to attend one Enrollment Day
  • A maximum of 60 students are allowed per Enrollment Day event
  • Students must submit their enrollment deposit prior in order to be eligible for an Enrollment Day event
  • Students must submit their medical forms prior in order to be eligible for an Enrollment Day event

Enrollment Day Schedule

The full Enrollment Days schedule is still in development as the in person and virtual Enrollment Days will be slightly different. As students register they will receive their schedule specific to the day they attend.

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