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Welcome from the Counseling Center

Doane Tigers,

Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester from the Counseling Center! Our staff of two full-time counselors, Kristal Flaming and Myron Parsley, along with two interns, Raegan Bartholomew and Emma Stewart, are prepared to support your mental health needs.

At this time, we are only offering Telehealth counseling sessions but plan to have a counselor on campus daily to manage any urgent mental health-related issues. Students who participate in Telehealth will need to download Zoom prior to their session. We prefer you use a laptop, tablet or desktop computer for the video session rather than a mobile phone. When your session is scheduled, an email will be sent as a reminder of the time of your scheduled session. Please review the Informed Consent form prior to your session and provide an electronic signature. We will also send you a link to complete intake information prior to your first session. Once it’s time for your scheduled session, your counselor will open the Zoom meeting and connect with you via video. The counselor will need to know your location and phone number in case of video interruption or crisis intervention.

Hours available to schedule appointments are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm with additional evening availability on Thursdays until 9pm. Counseling sessions are free and confidential for all enrolled students on the Crete campus. Referrals for counseling can be made by contacting the counselor of your choice directly via email:

An anonymous online mental health screening is available at the following link:

We know you are facing a significant change in routine and dealing with a general sense of uncertainty about COVID-19. We encourage you to take care of yourself as you transition back to campus:

  • Take care of your body by getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night and participating in regular physical activity
  • Connect with others
  • Set goals and priorities for the semester
  • Take a break from the news if you need it
  • Make time to unwind
  • Focus on the facts

If you need help with this, we are here for you! Have a great semester!