Important COVID-19 Information

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Return to Work Plan - Employee Health & Safety Guidance

Please note: as conditions with the pandemic change, these guidelines will be adjusted in accordance with recommendations from the CDC, local health, and government officials.

Employee Health and Safety Guidance

In order to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19, all employees are asked to follow the health and safety guidelines listed below. Together, as "One Doane," we show our care for each other by participating in safe practices. 

Employee Training

Before returning to campus, employees are required to view the COVID-19 Safe Practices training materials. More information will be shared once it is available. Any questions should be directed to the employee’s supervisor or Human Resources. Managers have the responsibility to inform employees under their supervision of these resources and encourage familiarity with and adherence to the safety precautions described therein.

Employee self-monitoring of symptoms and reporting requirements

Faculty and staff must self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms every day before coming to campus. If an employee is displaying symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 they need to report it to Kelli Schweitzer, HR at or 402-826-8573. In addition, if someone in the employee’s household is displaying symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 they should also report this to Kelli. Employees who test positive for COVID-19 should not come to work and must follow current state and local public health and CDC guidelines for when to return to work. Medical certification may be required before an employee can return to work after testing positive.

Employee Leave Policies during COVID-19:

In accordance with CDC guidelines, Doane University has modified its paid leave policies to encourage employees to use their paid leave benefits to stay healthy or recover from the COVID-19.

Mask Policy

Doane University supports a universal mask policy that includes some necessary alternative arrangements for high-risk individuals. In general, in accordance with current public-health authority guidance, non-medical facemasks or face coverings should be worn in circumstances where 6-foot physical distancing from others is impractical whenever people are in public campus spaces, indoor and out. Masks will be required in classrooms, athletic training facilities, the Student Health Center and in university transportation. Dining services staff, athletic staff, Haddix staff, and all other front facing staff should wear a mask at all times while they are working in their assigned locations. Staff that cannot maintain a safe distance from others within their office space should also wear a mask or work from home if possible. Faculty/staff within their own offices do not need to wear a mask when alone in their offices if they remove and store it properly.

Employees are encouraged to bring their own masks, if they have one. Doane has a limited supply of cloth and disposable masks and will provide these to employees, if they do not have their own. Requests for masks can be made by contacting Sheryl Skala, Facilities Operations Coordinator at Reusable masks should be laundered daily, see additional information here. Disposable masks should be stored in a brown paper bag when not being worn and should be thrown away after one day of use.

Social Distancing

Social distancing protocols on campus need to follow guidelines from public health authorities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Individual departments/buildings will need to be responsible for determining the protocols and physical barriers needed within their spaces to meet these guidelines. Facilities requests must be made for Plexiglas barriers, ropes, floor decals, etc. Protocols must be written in a way that can address this broadly for faculty, staff, and students. All social distancing protocols should be reviewed by the Environmental Safety and Health and Wellness working groups.

Hand washing and other Prevention Measures

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Disinfecting wipes or spray will be provided by Facilities Operations. Employees will be required to disinfect copy machines, door handles, desks and other shared equipment on a regular basis during working hours.


The use of restrooms should be limited based on size to ensure at least 6 feet distance between individuals. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward to reduce the potential transmission of the virus.

Common Areas

Common areas such as break rooms and lobbies may be closed temporarily. For common areas that remain open, social distancing protocols will be put in place and signage will be posted.


Convening in groups increases the risk of viral transmission. Where feasible, meetings should be held in whole or part using Zoom or phone. In person meetings are limited to the restrictions of local, state and federal orders and should not exceed 50 percent of a room's capacity, assuming individuals can still maintain 6 feet of separation for social distancing requirements. Departments should remove or rearrange chairs and tables or add visual cue marks in meeting rooms to support social distancing practices between attendees. All attendees should wear a mask or face covering while sharing space in a common room and avoid food consumption during meetings, since eating requires removal of masks.

Signage and Posters

If you would like to download a CDC poster for your workspace you may do so here. Signs for social distancing can be coordinated and obtained from Facilities Operations. Contact Sheryl Skala for more information at

Employee Support Resources

During this challenging time, we want to remind you that faculty and staff and their immediate family members have access to free and confidential counseling through Continuum EAP.

Reporting a safety concern related to COVID-19

Employees can report concerns to their supervisor, Human Resources or through our anonymous reporting program, Intouch.