Important COVID-19 Information

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Important: Updated Doane University- Universal Face Covering Policy

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Doane University has made the decision to modify our face masking policy based on current recommendations from the CDC to further help reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19.

Doane University has adopted a universal face masking policy for all students, faculty, staff and visitors effective August 10, 2020. All campus community members will be required to wear a face covering when inside Doane campus buildings, and are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering in campus outdoor spaces whenever physical distancing from other individuals by six feet is not possible. Appropriate face coverings must completely cover the nose and mouth. Face coverings are meant to be worn in conjunction with appropriate physical distancing of six feet, discouragement of face touching and proper hand hygiene.

Doane University recognizes however, that there are times when wearing a face covering is impractical or unsafe, and as such, exceptions to this policy exist when:

  • You are in your own private residence.
  • You are using the residence hall bathrooms and shower facilities.
  • You are in a room by yourself. Note- if another person enters the room, you should reapply your face covering. This does not apply to individuals (roommates, quad-mates) who reside in the same room while sharing that space.
  • During particular lab or classroom activities where wearing a face covering would represent a potential hazard, as indicated by the faculty or staff member who is operating that space.
  • You are actively engaging in physical exercise in the gym or recreation center or are participating in athletic team practice.
  • When eating, though physical distance should be maintained in the dining hall and other eating areas.
  • When in a private office with the door closed - though face coverings should be worn for individual appointments, and physical distancing should be observed.

This policy does not apply to children ages 2 and under. For individuals with medical and neurological conditions that make it impossible to wear a face covering, exceptions can be made by contacting Anita Harkins at from Student Disability Services (students) or Laura Northup at from HR (employees) and providing documentation from a licenced medical provider.

Additional guidance from the CDC on the rationale and appropriate use of face coverings on college campuses can be found here: CDC- Face Covering Recommendations for Colleges and Universities

Further guidance on the proper wearing, using and laundering cloth face coverings can be found here: CDC- Face Covering Guidance

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources.