Important COVID-19 Information

For all University updates and resources regarding COVID-19, please visit

Important message to Students regarding technology

Dear Students,

Doane continues to look at all courses of action regarding our response to COVID-19 and as of this moment, we plan to have in-person classes next week on our Crete campus, as scheduled. Should anything change, we will update you as soon as the decision is made.

As we coordinate with local partners and experts in this area, the best practices revolve around ensuring we are prepared for any scenario. We have identified several proactive steps you could take now to reduce troubleshooting requirements in the future if they occur, should Doane transition to online learning.

If there is ever a need to require online remote classes, faculty would communicate through email, Zoom and Google Hangouts. In preparation, please do the following:

  1. Download Zoom. The meeting client is found at the bottom of the page.
  2. Ensure you have access to Doane course through our learning management system:

Students can join Zoom meetings via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Blackboard is also accessible via any of those devices. Other public spaces, such as the Crete Library, may be closed as well. Students may be able to use department resources (laptops normally used for classes) or other devices that wouldn’t be used if we were to not have in-person classes. Zoom meetings also allow dial in from any telephone, this would allow anyone to be a part of the Zoom Meeting, audio only.

Please don’t hesitate to contact TigerTech if you have any problems setting up any of these resources. They can be contacted by using the information below.

Phone: 402-826-8411

As a reminder, Doane’s COVID-19 repository site can be found here:

Thank you for your attention to this and we ask that you please monitor your email closely in the coming days as this is a rapidly evolving situation.