Important COVID-19 Information

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COVID-19 Message from Custodial Services

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I am writing to let you know what action Custodial Services is taking to help prevent the flu, including the Coronavirus, from spreading in classrooms, public areas, offices, athletic spaces, and residence halls on campus.

Classrooms, Public Areas, and Athletic Spaces

Our custodians will continue to clean and disinfect the areas they normally clean, paying extra attention to disinfect frequently touched areas such as door knobs, light switches, desk tops, keyboards in the classrooms, and weight rooms, etc. In the Haddix Fitness Center, we always encourage everyone use the disinfectant wipes already provided to wipe down equipment after use, especially during flu season.

Office Areas

For office areas on campus, we have purchased and will distribute containers of disinfectant wipes to all departments/offices so faculty and staff can clean their offices, focusing on frequently touched areas as described above. The disinfectant wipes will be delivered to each department as soon as we receive the shipment, scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th. Faculty can get their disinfectant wipes from Cathy Hollman, Missy Persing, Shelley Smith, or Cheyenne Nelson.

Residence Halls

It is routine for Residence Life to encourage students to "spring clean" their room before departing for Spring Break. Yesterday we provided disinfectant wipes to the residence halls for students to use to wipe down their rooms, again focusing on frequently touched areas.

Prevention Efforts

Please remember that the single best action that we all need to do is practice good prevention efforts:

  • Encourage faculty, staff, and students to stay home when they are sick.
  • Appropriately cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Wash hands frequently using soap and water or hand sanitizer.

Finally, if you encounter someone who is sick and feel your area needs extra cleaning attention, please let the custodian in your building know so they can provide extra support in that particular area.

Kind regards,
Jerri Van Horn
Manager of Events and Custodial Services