Doane Accounting Club

Doane Accounting Club is a very active organization on campus, in which students have the opportunity to take part in functions that help them better understand the accounting profession. The club regularly schedules activities to bring accounting professionals to campus and/or arranges visits to accounting firms and businesses. Students also learn about interviewing skills/techniques, with mock interviews available prior to the Accounting Interview Day held each October during which students can interview for jobs and internships. During the spring semester each year, Accounting Club students help Doane University students prepare their personal tax returns (more by helping the students see they can do it themselves, rather than doing it for them). Accounting Club members also contribute strongly to the Doane educational experience by becoming tutors for the principles-level accounting courses and becoming lab assistants, and helping with the accounting for Relay For Life. Each fall and each spring, the Accounting Club has a banquet, bringing in a variety of guest speakers.
Advisor: Kitty Wize
President: Jake Smith

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