Develop intellectual skills

Develop intellectual skills

The full essential student learning outcome as stated in the catalog:

 Develop crucial intellectual skills. Students will learn to:
engage in discovery;
gather and evaluate facts and assumptions;
support conclusions with relevant evidence; and
practice effective communication.

Note that LAR 101: Inquiry Seminar has common learning outcomes designed to complement this essential student learning outcome.

Idea related to outcome Resource
Critical Thinking                                                              

Doane resource

CETL web pages on critical thinking          

Web resource

Foundation for Critical Thinking (Dr. Linda Elder, Senior Fellow at the Foundation, presented at Doane on 8/19/2009)

From workshops/shareshops

Methods to promote critical thinking presented by Dr. John Burney, Dr. Linda Kalbach,  Dr. Kate Marley, and Dr. Alec Engebretson in August, 2014, at a faculty workshop (pdf)

FIRE model from Dr. John Burney at 8/20/13 workshop as documented by Dr. Kay Hegler (pdf)

Four corners activity from Linda Kalbach at 10/28/2010 shareshop (Powerpoint)

Mock trial activity from Alec Engebretson at 10/28/2010 shareshop (Description)

Communicate effectively Doane resource                

Dedicated CETL web page on ideas and resources to communicate effectively


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